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My youth and inexperience may sometimes be a liability. Sometimes, I haven’t been on this earth long enough to place certain events and new model introductions in their proper context, ala Jack Baruth. But what I am good at, is listening to rap music. Today, the countless hours of pretending to be an inner-city drug dealer can finally be monetized, as Jeep’s Twitter account was hacked by some hip-hop loving cyber-vandals.

The hacked tweets contained numerous references to rap artists like 50 Cent and most of all, Chief Keef. Chief Keef is the latest sensation in hip-hop, a 17 year old diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome who has already been sued for child support, kicked off Instagram for posting photographs of minors committing sex acts and jailed for illegally discharging a firearm.

Keef’s catch phrases “3 Hunna” (also spelled “300”) and his record label, Glory Boy Entertainment” appear numerous times in the Jeep tweets. There’s no rhyme or reason for this, especially since Keef raps about Ferraris, Range Rovers and Audis, but never Jeeps. All we can chalk this up to is someone like myself, but much more adept at hacking, is having some fun at Jeep’s expense.  Also given “shoutouts” are Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill and Worldstar Hip-Hop, a site that has been described as “the CNN of the ghetto”. Tweets have been screencapped below for your enjoyment.

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25 Comments on “Jeep Twitter Hacked, TTAC Helps Decode The Hip-Hop Slang...”

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    I LOL’d. As they say, any publicity is good publicity. This “artist” has hit a new vein in marketing: hacking.

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    Are we at the point now where hip hop is no longer “from the street” but just artists, managers, and marketing types dreaming up catch phrases for the artists to shout relentlessly until it catches on?

    2 Chainz!!!!!!

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    LMAO those tweets were hilarious

    I can imagine Jeep execs reading each tweet and FREAKING OUT

    Kind of fucked up but still hilarious.


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      The only thing execs at the parent company are freaking out about is how much they paid Jennifer Lopez for a Fiat 500 campaign much less successful than this free hacking.

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    A Twitter hacking being more successful for Jeep than an intentional Twitter campaign was for another brand, that’s that sh*t Lincoln don’t like.

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    QOTD – what site is the TTAC of the ghetto? Off the top of my head it would be the guy that critiques donks.

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      The Truth About Crack (hint; it’s Great)

      Valium Venom: Downers are boring

      Crack review

      General Medellín is cutting their crack like crazy in Detroit to make up for the loss leader Opiates in Europe.

      A Man. A Child. A Cash transaction, Parte Dois: Cheap, fun and beautiful

      Addict death watch

      Mescalin-Benzo is doing well in emerging markets, losing sales in western Europe.

      Hammer time: Keeping your “stable” in check

      Avoidable contact, Crack whores and condoms.

      Crack for clunkers programs re-instated in Detroit by popular demand and in DC by Marion Barry.

      Crack day diaries.

      Strange Days, Strange Places: My Life As A Japanese Street-Walker Wannabe

      Junky find: Used needles behind the 7-11

      Best Selling Crack Around The Block

      Mad In China: How To Get Executed For Only $13 And Two Counts Of Possession

      Bitch slap: Honey if you don’t do him for me


      Detroit Dispatches: How Cadillac Markets To The Truly Affluent.

      Smoking Crack: The Legal Nitty Gritty

      BOOTALICIOUS BEATINGS and street-walking derelicts

      Home Improvement with Tim Allen

      Clemens Gleich’s Traveller Guide to the German Reeperbahn

      Grade The Dealer

      Tycho’s Illustrated History Of the Opium War

      Want to Buy a Really Big Dodge? Anna Dodge’s Ass is For Sale

      Review From The Backseat: Divine Brown

      Because You Grab This Stuff While You Can: Detroit Power Outage

      GM’s wishful thinking swallowing in the Pontiac G8, spiting out in the Chevrolet SS.

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    Huh. I hadn’t heard that Keef was diagnosed with Asperger’s.

    In other news, this is the closes Jeep has come to identifying with up-and-coming rap music in a long time.

    Well, other than when people call Range Rovers “Rover Jeeps.”

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    I don’t understand how a record company can distribute this garbage from a fricking MINOR! I’m glad I’m moving to Korea for a few years.

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    Hilarious, but on the other hand I don’t have a clue what is being tweeted…. oh well.

    BTW- what’s with the egg in Jeep’s avatar?

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    Sad day when this is news.

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    Vance Torino

    Just great.

    People like this made Detroit look that way it does.

    Or, to avoid charges of discrimination,

    the way Oakland County looks the way it does.


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    My name is Shake Zula
    The mike roller
    The old schooler
    You wanna trip?
    I’ll bring it to you

    Frylock and I’m on top
    Rock you like a cop
    Meatwad you’re up next
    With a knock knock

    Meatwad make the money see
    Meatway gets the honey G
    Drivin’ in my car
    Livin’ like a star
    Ice on my fingers and my toes
    And I’m a Taurus

    Because we are the Aqua Teens!
    Make the homies say, “ho,”
    And the girlies wanna scream!

    And remember, Carl’s paint scheme on 2 Wycked is copyrighted.

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    Now something has been posted totally relevant to the story. Goodnight.

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    Polar Bear

    Chief Keef for president. It is time to end discrimination and let teenagers run the country.

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    “Finally Rich” and he’s still using a BIC lighter?

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    Riddle for Cheif Keef:

    What’s the difference between a baby-dadda and a picnic table?

    A picnic table supports a family.

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    You know you’ve made it as an artist when you have a .79 cent Bic lighter in your hand on your album cover.

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