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Tokyo Auto Salon HUMMER

The Tokyo Auto Salon  is not just a preserve of doe-eyed kawaii girls, and a host of hachi-roku. It also proves that you can’t kill the HUMMER.

Beijing HUMMER

Two years ago, at the Beijing Auto Show, I wondered “Isn’t HUMMER officially dead?” Back then, someone at a not very official-looking official HUMMER booth assured me not to worry and that “We’ll always have a supply. One way or the other.”  Three years later, the endless supply of HUMMERS still lasts.

Haneda Hummer

The night before, at Haneda Airport, a white HUMMER zoomed by.  The taxi driver said they are quite common around here, and “popular with celebrities.” So much for the lore that Japanese roads are too small for American cars.

At the Tokyo Auto Salon, more displays of Japan’s affection with HUMMER bruteness. One day, I’ll find the warehouse, stacked with factory-fresh HUMMERS.

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7 Comments on “Tokyo Auto Salon: Where Have All The HUMMERs Gone...”

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    Well you that may find that warehouse by accident, but I know you won’t be actively looking for it.(;

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    Where is HUMMER energy drink

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    As a 50ish white male, I would buy a HUMMER now if they were still offered. There is nothing else that really interests me as the truck market is homogenized and everyone has a Ford/Chev/Ram. I want something different.

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      In other words, you only want it because it’s not available? ;-)

      You can always buy one used, if you don’t mind driving some distance to meet the seller. I live in a town that is culturally unfriendly to the Hummer and to conspicuous consumption in general, so they’re rare here — but I bet they’re as common as any other niche vehicle elsewhere. They weren’t too hard to find the last time I searched for them on

      They have been disappearing from the roads I travel faster than I expected, though. I’m curious as to why. Is it just my town? Or is it that the maintenance/fuel/dirty-looks-from-everyone costs are sending them out to pasture early? Donno – I’m not a hummer kind of guy, but I am genuinely curious how they’ve worked put for people, and if they got what they wanted out of owning one.

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    That’s weird, I thought Japan was an American-hating, closed market?

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    What exactly are these things being built on? Toyotas? Hinds? Isuzus?

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    Now that you mention it, I never see them anymore either. At least in South Jersey.

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