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Not enough that people in Belgium are losing their appetite for cars (last we looked the market was down 11 percent), now people have even less reason to go to the Brussels motor show: Belgium’s equal opportunities minister Joelle Milquet asked carmakers to keep their product specialists fully dressed.

“A motor show is a place where you go with your family, we have to question the stereotypes we are passing on to children and young adults,” the minister wrote in a letter obtained by Reuters. The missive was allegedly prompted by lewd behavior on the part of some male visitors at last year’s event.

Belgian car federation Febiac, which organizes the annual event, said that following the letter it had asked carmakers to ensure appropriate dress at their stands.

Carmakers assured compliance. TTAC has obtained a preview image of models rehearsing for this year’s event.

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13 Comments on “Put Your Clothes On – You Are Under Arrest...”

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    Lol…..this should be good….

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    You don’t have to show skin. Put tight spandex and a namebadge on an hourglass-figure bra buster at a car show and suddenly even a Toyota becomes extremely interesting.

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    Well this should drive up business in the local red light district, just out of sheer frustration.

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    schmitt trigger

    The next international auto show should be held in Kabul or Riyahd.

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    That’s a classic misogynist response – require women to change their dress because of men’s lewd behavior.

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      I was just going to say that. Talk about blaming the victim.

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      That was my thought too:

      “The missive was allegedly prompted by lewd behavior on the part of some male visitors at last year’s event.”

      “we have to question the stereotypes we are passing on to children and young adults”

      So are the bad stereotypes the lewd males? Sure sounds like it to me.

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      It’s not an either or thing.

      Kick out the boors.

      If the booth babes, I mean booth professionals, are attired inappropriately, then refuse them entry.

      If a guy walks in wearing a speedo and flip-flops to a professional event – not that you’d confuse one with an auto show – then you’d expect him to be refused entry.

      It’s only misogyny if “professional attire” standards exist only for females.

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    “The Beijing’s Capital Ethics Development Office said on its website that the revealing clothing of some models at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has had a “negative social impact.”

    The office criticized the “vulgar publicity” surrounding the models. The exhibition’s organizers were asked to correct the situation on Thursday to ensure that it does not happen again.”

    So a Belgian government minister and China’s one party state government are equally prudish. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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    It’s amazing how many people thing only they can decide on freedom of speech and expression for others.

    In the U.S., the founding fathers never promised good taste.

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        Hah! As a guv’mint highway engineer, I was at an elementary school assembly of 7-9 year olds. When talking to them, I asked them, “You think adults are insane when it comes to kids, don’t you?” I got an earful of comments about the irrational, petty responses from our childrens’ adult overseers to perfectly normal kid behavior. When I think of “the children”, I’m assured they’re okay, but some of the adults they deal with need counseling, and possibly psychotropic medication.

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