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Acura will replace their long-in-the-tooth MDX with a new model that looks a lot like the current MDX and even uses a similar 3.5L V6. The new model should look very similar to this concept. As it underwhelming as it seems, Honda did this with the CR-V and it’s arguably the best small crossover out there. The new RDX, despite criticisms relating to its lack of turbochargers, is a vastly improved car. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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27 Comments on “NAIAS 2013: New Acura MDX Looks Like Old Acura MDX...”

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    Oh…oh no. I was really looking forward to this one, and Honda ruined it. The new MDX doesn’t have a hint of muscular stance or shape…and those headlights…

    I guess I’ll have to start looking forward to the next BMW X5…

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      It’s already been shown. It looks quite a lot worse.

      This is fine, and its not appreciably different than the last one…plus you’ve really got no idea whether it has a muscular stance or not until you see more pictures.

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    Do people not care about how cars look anymore? If I were in the market for a vehicle in this segment I wouldn’t bother with this.

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    wow, there seems to be a trend among a few different manufacturers. that lower front fascia where it’s compressed in the middle and flares out to larger trapezoid-ish openings on either side. seeing it on the new Benz, the new BMW 4-Series, and now this.

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    Not sure how they “ruined it”. It looks the same as the old one. Like it’s second mid-life refresh, perhaps.

    The interior is going to be vasty different, though, since I think it will ape the RLX judging by spy pics.

    In any event, if you didn’t like the current gen, then this one isn’t going to sway you. I do (own one) and like this too. Although I was hoping for something a bit more exciting.

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      I love the current YD2 model–especially with the 2010 facelift–but the 2014 concept is disappointing (to me). One of my favorite features of the YD2 body is the way the wheel-flares are shaped, almost suggesting the muscular power beneath the sheet-metal. This one just looks slab-sided, like a people-carrier. And that quarter-panel window should be a different shape, less triangular.

      At least the interior will be nice…

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    I’d agree with that headline, except for the fact I possess this amazing invention called EYES that can discern the many differences between the two models.

    I cannot find a single line or detail – beyond the general SUV profile – that this MDX shares with the old one. Even the sideview mirrors and door handles are different!

    In fact, from this angle, if you ignore the Acura grille, it more closely resembles a Lexus GX or RX than the old MDX. It’s not a radical design, but it’s hardly a Xerox.

    There are two schools of thought on Acura’s new direction: the Power Beak fiasco either has them running scared, or they’ve decided to start designing with their heads before their hearts, a la Audi.

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      Freddy M

      I don’t know, I’m of the completely opposite opinion. The second the picture popped up on the screen my first thought was “refresh.” You may be technically right about all the differences, but at first glance I completely saw the current MDX underneath all the garnish.

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    Color me disappointed that Honda didn’t take the chance to correct the looks of that f-ugly car.

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    Why did they put a Chevy grille in it ?

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    An underwhelming exterior redesign. Maybe this is a sign that Acura isn’t getting much of an R&D budget from its parent company?

    Like Ford did with Lincoln, there is no quicker way to kill a luxury brand than with no halo product, too little R&D and way too much parts bin sharing.

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    Bigger news than the design (which is basically the front end design for the RLX affixed to MDX) is that Acura will be offering the MDX in FWD.

    That, along with doing away with the SH-AWD in the RDX shows that many buyers of Acura CUVs don’t really care about SH-AWD.

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    I guess I’ll buck the general trend of the commenting here and say that I actually like this car. The MDX is Acura’s only acceptable-looking vehicle, and they did a pretty good job of changing up the sheet metal, while only evolving the design language minimally. It’s fast enough, inoffensive, and death-and-taxes reliable. It’ll be a hot seller.

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    Honda really wants Acura dead, don’t they. I can’t believe the stubbornness in clinging to this soundly rejected design language. Ya, sales are up, sales are up with almost every luxury car maker because the economy is better and Acura had tsunami/earthquake constrained inventory we’re comparing against. It’s like Honda is holding Acura’s head in the bathtub and won’t stop until the legs stop kicking.


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      I was thinking the same thing. The Honda “version” of each vehicle (MDX/Pilot, TL/TSX/Accord, ILX/Civic) is now actually better looking than the Acura version. Although I do prefer the look of the RDX to the CRV.

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    Those headlights look like something a kid would draw. Five circles in a line?! Outrageous! Those little foglamp LED slits look like whiskers.

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    Can you really not see the difference between this generation of CR-V and the last? I’m not sure what to say.

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    The MDX is a big seller for Acura so I didn’t expect them to do anything revolutionary – just 100s of minor changes and styling it so it looks like everything else they sell.

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    Does it still have the crappy fit and finish of the prior generation? TTAC noted a panel-fit problem in its 2010 review that I observed in a 2012 MY car that had fewer than 10 miles on it (i.e. not a demo or the standard tester).

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    Those headlights are reason enough to buy it. Most important feature on a luxury vehicle in my opinion is the day time running lights. I wouldn’t even consider a vehicle over 40,000$ that didn’t have some sort of wicked unique headlight arrangement.

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