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The more they try to stop people from talking, the more people want to talk.

These are the leaked images of the new Honda ‘Urban SUV Concept’. Think of it as what a CR-V used to be, but for a new generation of buyers.

After Nissan’s surprising success with the Joke Puke Juke, Honda is getting into the ‘awkward looking, car-based SUV with a tiny engine’ niche everyone seems to be shopping in these days.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait for more details, if you are remotely interested.

What do you think, B&B?


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26 Comments on “NAIAS 2013: LEAKED – Say Hello To The ‘Urban SUV Concept’, Honda’s New Juke...”

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    Another overweight, top heavy, poor handling station wagon dressed as a truck for people who don’t think they can own a station wagon?

    Thanks, bizzaro CAFE rules.

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    Those look like the lights on the NSX concept, I hope they actually make headlights like that, otherwise it looks pretty bland.

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      I sincerely doubt it will keep those headlights once this car morphs into something meant for production. The original CR-Z concept had simlar style headlights, but once it went into prodction it lost the fancy headlights and, in my opinion, ruined the whole pseudo-futuristic look it had going for itself.

      Now, granted, LED lights are getting cheaper every year, but this is Honda we’re talking about.

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    So are they going to call it the HR-V?

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      I would guess so. HRV was built on the Logo, which was the preprocessor to the Fit. And this is apparently Fit based. It fits the bill as a HRV return.

      Also I take issue with this article. This isn’t what the “CR-V used to be”. The CRV over the last 15+ years hasn’t changed very dramatically, in size its always been around 1800mm in width and 4500mm in length with a 4 cylinder engine. Over the last decade and half its gotten more powerful by a reasonable margin and its gotten more refinement, but the new car is essentially the same. There are very few cars that have stayed true to its roots like the CRV (compare it to the RAV4).

      Also, this clearly isn’t meant to be Honda’s Juke, just as Ford isn’t placing the Ecosport as their Juke. These ultra compact SUVs have been making a comeback, and have existed well before the Juke.

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    I hope that front grille doesn’t make it to the production car.

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    Europe loves this kind of stuff. The CR-V is loosing customers because it’s too big(especially for a 5 seater), and has too few engine options. I don’t think this one is anything like the original CR-V though, as that was about practicality above all, not just a fashion statement…
    (Honda has become good at hiding square shapes as sporty designs though, so it could still be quite spacious)

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      History shows that the CR-V actually improved sales 6 years ago when the new version of it and the Rav4 were ingroduced. Toyota offered both 4 and 6 cylinder Rav4s, and Honda offered only the 2.4 I-4, but consumers went with Honda, making it the #1 selling cute ute, replacing the Toyota.

      I think this new cute ute will be quite successful for Honda, filling a new market niche, and appealing to young women in ways the Juke does not.

      I’ll be interested to see if Honda is forced to go with run-flats, given the minimal rear overhangs.

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    The wheels look like spinning swastikas…

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    Except for the nose, it’s fine, but it doesn’t have the cute factor that the original CR-V had that made it a hit with the ladies.

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    This looks SOOOOO much better than the Nissan Puke. Also, I’m overjoyed that I’m not the only one that calls it the Nissan Puke.

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      I would take the Nissan over this horrid little narrow wagon from hell every time. The juke is small but actually drivable by a person over 6 foot. The CR-V is an atrocious vehicle for the size.

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    I hope the production HRV has the door handles concealed in the C-pillar that way!

    This looks alright to me.

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    Wow, it’s like a reasonably attractive vehicle – a current CR-V, maybe, or an Astra three-door – was attacked, raped, and impregnated by a ZDX. I’m actually glad the offspring wasn’t aborted; this doesn’t seem any worse than the present CR-V to me (with a nicer greenhouse, no less), but the rear door handle and a few other touches are reminiscent of the unfortunate sperm donor.

    There, that’s as offensive as I’ll get on TTAC. First thing that came to mind, though, since ‘the lovechild of (x) and a ZDX’ just doesn’t seem natural. Nothing would consensually mate with a ZDX.

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    Volt 230

    It’s nothing to puke at.

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    Its much better looking then the Juke. I don’t particularly like tall narrow vehicles. But women do.. so it will sell.

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    I think the previous generation of the CRV was a pretty clumsy looking iteration of the marvelously utilitarian original. I’m disposed to coil in revulsion at the design efforts currently en vogue @ Honda. That said, I think this design is extremely attractive from the front edge of the front doors to the back of the vehicle. The gaudy front clip needs to go though. It’s too long in proportion to the rest of the car and too flashy for a Honda.

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    Where can I pick up a set of those nifty shoe wheels? Reminds me of this:

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    Aside from the funky front, I like. Yeah, it’s just a tall wagon, so what? I won’t be tracking it, and it will be less likely to bottom out on ski trips. Win.

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    Polar Bear

    The Toyota Urban Cruiser is in this segment in Europe, a B-size crossover. I rented a diesel one for a week and drove it 1.000 km. It was surprisingly competent for such a small car, the handling and the high seating position making it feel bigger and more stable than I had expected. Sure, it was narrow and short and the interior was grim plastic. But I found myself liking that small crossover. For a Toyota it had personality, and the 1.4 diesel went uphill like a rocket at 2000 rpm.

    In Asia, the Toyota Rush/Daihatsu Terios is popular in this segment. It makes sense for Honda to introduce a similar model. Like the Urban Cruiser, I imagine this Honda can be a fun city car, with good visibility and being easy to park. I see a winner here. The key to this segment is low price, but don’t give it an un-Honda slow engine please.

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      You realize that the Toyota Urban Cruiser is just sort of an alternate Scion xD, right? Albeit with a better engine, front clip, and depending on your viewpoint, functional ride height. Same interior, including the funky little single pod, tell-me-everything dial/gauge cluster.

      If they had brought the Euro version over, I think it would have been a better car overall, even if all we got in it was a Corolla/Camry 4.

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        Polar Bear

        Yes, I knew there was a Scion sister version, but since I haven’t been to the US for years I have not seen it.

        I think a big part of the charm of my rental Urban Cruiser was the pleasing torque of the diesel engine. All that pulling power at low rpm made it easy to drive. Stay between 1500 and 2000 rpm and keep going. And being in Europe, this car was a manual.

        Driving the rental I was thinking I could have an Urban Cruiser like this one as my daily driver and be happy with it. This is assuming a car for 1-2 adults and little cargo is all you need for a commuter car. Normally I avoid small cars, as I feel I can’t fit inside them, but the hight and the headroom made the Urban Cruiser acceptable.

        I look forward to seeing if Honda can make a competitor with a nicer interior and a higher fun factor. When the Honda arrives at the dealer and they exhibit it at the local mall I will go have a look, if only to satisfy my curiosity. And if they offer me a test drive it would be rude to refuse, right?

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    Looks much better than the Juke but then again this is a concept. I expect the production version to be ruined with a long overhang, goofy/disproportionate headlights and awkward black plastic triangles ahead of the side mirrors.

    As ugly as it is, the Juke has one thing going for it ; a decent engine. I fear Honda may pull another CR-Z with this one. Let’s hope it at least gets the Civic engine.

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