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Honda wasn’t the only Japanese auto maker debuting something at the Montreal Auto Show. Mitsubishi debuted the Canadian-spec version of the new Mirage – without giving it a name.

North American spec versions of the tiny Mitsu include a new 1.2L three-cylinder engine, rather than the 1.0L unit employed in world markets. Despite the bump in displacement, the Mirage puts out a whopping 74 horsepower and 74 lb-ft of torque. Although we at TTAC are against re-purposing all or part of a press release, we’ll make an exception this time, to illustrate just  how enthusiastic Mitsubishi Canada is about this car.

Displayed in striking Green Metallic paint, the subcompact was unveiled by Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (MMSCAN) president & CEO Shin Fujioka to gathered media: “The new 2014 Mitsubishi is fun, efficient, greener and affordable. We can’t wait!” he said.


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21 Comments on “Mitsubishi “Small Car” Debuts In Montreal...”

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    How about ‘Lil’ Booger’

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      Never, ever debut a car in booger green, especially one without a name or specs besides engine size.

      Any wonder why Mitsubishi will be next to leave the US market? In Canada, the F150 has nothing to fear from this car.

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    I’m sure they’ll sell all 50 of them the first year.

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    “The new 2014 Mitsubishi is fun, efficient, greener and affordable. We can’t wait!”

    The ‘Lil’ Booger’ definitely screams economy model when it comes to styling. No massive tires will be needed for those wheel wells.

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      “No massive tires will be needed for those wheel wells.”

      That’s a good thing for an economy car. The owner will be able to replace all four wheels and get a front end alignment for the price of one 22″ tire.

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    MitMoCo is train wreck.

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    How affordable? If they price it around $8-9 grand, it might be worth it. If they price it as a Spark or a Fit, – fuggedaboutit!

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    Volt 230

    just like all their offerings, they just can’t compete in the real world any longer.

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    Good lord. This thing is more awkward than the Scion xD. The Outlander Sport and the Lancer are at least reasonable looking. This thing is just repulsive. It reminds me of the last days of Isuzu. They put out some truly weird cars just before they bit the dust. Mitsubishi is spiraling the drain the same way.

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    Finally! Competition for the Tata Nano.

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    This would be great for the car lead in the next Vacation IV Chevy Chase movie featuring the Giswolds downsizing and driving to Wally World.

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    Brian P

    Even in Quebec, where small hatchbacks are popular … methinks anyone who cross-shops this against a Fiesta, Fit, Accent, Mazda 2, or Sonic is going to buy any of the above, instead of this. I don’t see where this has any meaningful reason to buy it instead.

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    This car looks amazing…if we were in 2003. That said this is the car that Yaris and Versa buyers would like.

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    Whats the transaction price of a Fit, Spark etc?.. just undercut those prices and decontent it.. but add a good warranty, soft suspension and quiet.. people trading in their tired jalopies will buy it just for those reasons.

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    At 8 or 9 grand I look forward to seeing them in the staff parking at Denny’s after “We can finiance ANYONE and get you a new car for $99 A MONTH.”

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    The best car I have ever owned (until last summer) was a 1995 Mirage that I bought for $1150 in 2005. No nonsense, nothing complicated to break over time, simple engine with plenty of room to work on it.

    If this is built half as well as its predecessor – and is as easy to work on in confines of a home garage – I’m in for one. Especially in that delightfully daffy green they’ve chosen. It will carry on the legacy of the horrible, unsightly light blue my ’95 came in.

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      Simple, reliable, sustainable, compliant and predectable performance, cheep to own and maintain and all on “last years” technology. Whtat’s there to hate, really? I can’l get over how bashing people are over a car that simply does what it’s supposed to. I, for one, hope all the negativity translates into this nameless wonder becoming a depreciation disaster so I can go out and get myself a used one in a couple years for dirt cheep. Then I’ll be laughing my ass off 8-10 years later having made only one car payment, having averaged $300 a year into breaks and tires and shit, then only to turn around and sell the SOB for what I paid for it!!!!!

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    There’s a visible screw under the right hand fog light, which isn’t present on the left. What?!

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    make it under $11k, with a full length insulated ragtop standard

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