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Shaved head: Works council chief Uwe Hück. Needs new suit: Mayor Fritz Kuhn. Regulation Volkswagen white hair: Porsche CEO Matthias Müller

One would think that a card carrying environmentalist visits Porsche’s plant in Zuffenhausen only for picketing purposes, or as a target for bags with paint or worse. Today, Porsche was visited by a card-carrying environmentalist, and by Stuttgart’s mayor. The two are the same. The usually deeply conservative Stuttgart, home of  Daimler and Porsche, elected  Fritz Kuhn, member of the Green Party, as its mayor.  Mainly because the other candidate Sebastian Turner was a disaster, along with being an adman who is not without criticism in his own ranks. But I digress. Anyway, His Green Honor was at Porsche today.

Porsche proudly notes that Kuhn came by to visit Porsche “only 11 days after inauguration.”  He was probably expected with trepidation.  When the Green politician Jürgen Trittin came to visit Volkswagen back when Trittin was Federal  Minister of the Environment, everybody was very nervous. I know, I had to write the welcome speech, and it was changed many times. I didn’t mind, changes cost money.

Kuhn was at his best behavior today. He praised Porsche as a great employer, and he signaled that as “mayor of an automotive city, I am very interested in close cooperation.” Phew. He also praised the great progress Porsche made in environmental matters, the lowering of CO2, and a new environmentally responsible paint line. If he goes on like that, Greenpeace will picket the green mayor.

P.S.: Kuhn’s official car is a lowly E-Klasse, a hybrid of course.


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14 Comments on “It’s A Miracle: Stuttgart’s Green Mayor Praises Porsche...”

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    Well, even greenies promote jobs, through subsidies if necessary. And if Porsche is becoming a greener company while still employing a bunch of people, it makes sense for the mayor to praise them.

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    I think he realizes that the best way to promote industrial responsibility is to keep manufacturing in your own backyard. It’s better to work within your own regulations than to trust the neighboring low cost nation to be responsible.

    The real problem lies within the global supply base. Final assembly is an easy way to save face for your org’s environmental responsbility. I type this as I choke on Mexico City smog.

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    Robert Gordon

    “One would think that a card carrying environmentalist visits Porsche’s plant in Zuffenhausen only for picketing purposes, or as a target for bags with paint or worse.”

    Not really. Porsche have made some interesting developments in Hybrid and EV technology. Comes as no surprise at all really that a Greens Mayor would want to be associated with such things.

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    unless he wanted a good time but not long time, in reality we can’t go head on with mullas, industries, bankers and lastly the haves.

    should he marched to a different beat he could meet the same fate as what happened to Iacocca where his office table was consisted of a wood crates and pallets and the high back chair was ergonomically designed and lumbar supports courtesy of apple box from Washington states.

    I am sure he’s not so green that he wanted to go everywhere on a real Oxcart instead of a car with Ox emblem. In this case if he plays the cards right his new wheels could have a Horse insignia on it. Something the Porsche has.

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    Credit to the Germans for not committing economic suicide by regulating their factories out of existence.

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      They have very strict environmental laws. Also 26% of their electricity is from renewable sources (and they just started to phase out all nuclear power). Proof that strict environmental laws need not hamper manufacturing or exports.

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        Their factories / salary work force are mostly still in place due to insanely-expensive-to-divorce work committees (unions). Global companies will keep the German lights on in their EU plants unless they want to withdraw from the EU altogether. Why do you think Cologne didn’t get touched when Ford is shuttering their Belgium operations?

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    Why such a surprise? Giving a damn about our planet and loving cars are not mutually exclusive…I’m living proof. There are a lot of things that count besides absolute fuel efficiency. Clean factories, recycling “waste” from factories, designing for end of life reprocessing all come into play. The idea that most environmentally responsible people want to see the world on a Schwinn is nonsense.

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      The problem is, political change is often driven by extremists on both sides. If given too much power, they always go too far. I believe the treatment of CO2 as a pollutant is an example of that. Questionable data and computer models are being exploited by politicians and extremists to implement all sorts of expensive changes to the energy infrastructure. This diverts resources from increasing the overall wealth of humanity, which is the best way to provide a better world for the most people.

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      Extremism is a byproduct of a society corrupted by money.

      The wealthy “allow” both sides to debate endlessly, and even fuel the debate to keep people distracted while they plunder the true wealth – the planet itself, which is being destroyed before our tightly closed eyes.

      We have to wake up soon, as we’re running out of time.

      The Earth has bone cancer, and we’re being supplied with all of the Ben-Gay we need by those and for those who won’t acknowledge the truth, for it would mean the end of their dominion over the world.

      Money isn’t “wealth”, resources are, and they’re being converted into fiat currency in the most inefficient, unsustainable way possible for the benefit of a minority. Meanwhile, the “money” that we all crave is becoming more worthless all of the time, as the planetary resources that it represents are not the future (potential) resources, but ones that have already been destroyed.

      I still “like cars”, and they’re not the singular reason that the crap is hitting the fan, but one has to realize that gargantuan corporate interests, fueled by their own size and momentum are going to take us over the biggest cliff of all, and no economic policy will bring us back.

      Gold, silver and diamonds will not solve our problems, either, for when the planet can no longer support us, the true “wealth” will no longer exist.

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    What I want to know is, what’s with the VW execs with white hair? Some of them look much too youthful to be snowtops, much younger than me. I’ve heard that the one result of being hit by lightning and surviving that’s universal is that within 6 months, no matter the age, the person’s hair turns white as snow. Is there some kind of, um, process required to be a VW exec?

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      It’s a mark of teutonic admiralty. They have to have it.

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        Okay, but HOW do youngish-looking guys get the snow-white topping? As Bertel pointed out, it’s a regulation ‘do for VW execs, but I hesitate to compare it to the finger amputation popular with Japanese crime syndicates. Could the “treatment” required be part of the reason Bertel parted ways with VW?

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