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I wasn’t going to go there, but after Bertel’s rather lighthearted and relatively innocuous post comparing the looks of Opel’s incoming CEO to a large flightless bird other than an apteryx somehow devolved into a discussion of political correctness and racism, I just had to. Poor impulse control. So sue me. Now I’m not going to do something incendiary like even inferentially comparing people to animals (though Pres. Morsi of Egypt seems to be getting a pass for saying that Jews are the offspring of pigs and apes). No, I’m going to walk out on the tightrope without a net and do something that is potentially even more provocative. I’m going to compare a white man and a black man.

Lenny Bruce did a routine called something like White Woman Black Woman. He’d be hypothetically speaking to white racists and tell them they they could pick between two women. A white white woman, and a black black woman. Both about the same age, with the same occupation. They had to pick one to live with for the rest of their lives and only got one choice. The white woman was Kate Smith and the black woman was Lena Horne. That choice would surely change some racist minds.

Well you don’t get much whiter than actor Neal McDonough. You may remember him playing Lt. Buck Compton in Band of Brothers. He most recently had the role of Detroit gangster Bobby Quarles on FX’s outstanding series, Justified, in a season long playout of Chekhov’s rule, with a disarming twist (warning: graphic violence). McDonough is so blonde than if he was any paler, he’d be an albino. Chrysler styling and SRT brand chief Ralph Gilles obviously comes from different genetic stock than McDonough, though interestingly both men are the sons of immigrants from islands, in Gilles case from Haiti and in McDonough’s case from Ireland. The men are even about the same age, Gilles is 42, McDonough is 46. They could be brothers.

No, really, they could be brothers. Okay, so one isn’t a brother brother, but other than skin tone they could pass for siblings, maybe twins. Brothers from different mothers, if you will. Sure one has more or less melanin than the other, but facially they look remarkably alike. Handsome, similarly shaped rectangular heads, jutting jaws, broad noses, high foreheads, narrow almond shaped eyes, arched eyebrows and pinned back ears. Shave McDonough’s head, give him some bronzer and he could play Gilles in a biopic.

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11 Comments on “Brothers From Different Mothers? SRT Head Ralph Gilles & Actor Neal McDonough...”

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    What in the Sam Hill

    Jokes are supposed to have a punchline, ronnie.

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    As always, I was looking for an angle and in this case it backfired. I Googled both “Ralph Gilles jeans” and “Neal McDonough jeans”. To my surprise, Neal seems to be the better endowed! Sorry, Ralph, better luck on that new 200.

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    Hmmm…pardon my ignorance, but is this anything like Hitler’s Nazi party coming out with the (for lack of a better term) “How to identify a Jew” poster? Something about noses?

    All this, frankly, doesn’t make any sense to me because if we’re talking hereditary lines and such, how can it be applied to automobiles?

    W-body, anyone?

    I admire Mr. McDonough for his portrayal of Buck Compton on the FINEST MINI-SERIES EVER MADE: “Band Of Brothers”! Mr. Gilles? I admire him for the Chrysler 300, but HATE the bean-counters for stripping the interior of any reason to want to own one (for me, anyway). At least Fiat & Co. has begun to change that.

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      Sammy B

      Amen. BoB is just outstanding. I enjoyed The Pacific as well, but BoB is still my favorite.

      I just saw a mention that Spielberg & Hanks are going to make another miniseries about the air war in Europe. looking forward to that in a few years as well

      will be based on this book: Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany.

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    So sue me, Gilles is prettier.

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    How ’bout them cars?

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    Holy jeez, isn’t there enough race-obsession in today’s culture?
    Not really looking for it here at TTAC.

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    Swing and a Miss. Strike 86

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    Not sure if these articles are beginning to remind me more of Jalopnik or People Magazine. Not a good thing either way. Please get back to doing what you do well, if it’s a slow news day, then so be it.

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    What is this?

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