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After launching a successful bicycle sharing service, Tel Aviv is looking to launch an electric car program using the same model, as a means of reducing private car ownership.

While Better Place, Israel’s best-known electric car startup, has grander ambitions about a word of zero-emissions motoring, the concerns or Tel Aviv are much simpler. Ha’Aretz reports that the car sharing program was envisioned as a solution to the typical problems surrounding urban mobility.

Ido Shamir, director of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Economic Development Authority, said car-sharing plans are attractive mainly to people who travel infrequently, “such as families that already have one car,” adding, “It reduces the number of vehicles and air pollution and frees up parking spaces.”

While several companies are expected to compete for the tender, the Renault Twizy is an obvious choice for the program. Already proven in car-sharing programs in Paris and other locales, the Twizy also benefits from Renault’s tie-up with Better Place – including their proprietary battery swap technology.

Recently, for instance, Renault launched a new service in the Paris suburb of St. Quentin that allows users to rent a Renault Twizy and park it in any legal parking space. When the battery runs low a company employee swaps the car for one with a fully charged battery.

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14 Comments on “Tel Aviv In A Twizy Over Car Sharing...”

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    So private car transportation you pay for, but also share with the public.

    Sounds like a taxi you drive around.

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    schmitt trigger

    Hadn’t seen it this way, but you are absolutely correct.

    Another way of seeing it is as a very-short-term-vehicle rental.

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    Good luck. This could never work in the US; we don’t like sharing cars with our spouse, let alone complete strangers.

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      It already does work in some cities in the US. Check out car2go. They’re in Austin, Portland, Seattle, DC, Miami, San Diego and some place called Back Bay – Boston maybe? For those who live in and around downtown, and don’t have regular 30mile daily commutes why bother with a second car or even first car?

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        Back Bay IS Boston, but we have car sharing in Cambridge, too, probably somerville, and really, all over the place. We have Zipcar.

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        Car sharing services are VERY popular in Portland, especially southwest Portland. The city has street parking dedicated to car sharing services and most parking garages have prime spots reserved for car sharers. At first it was just ZipCar, but I’ve seen cars from different companies around in the past couple years.

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        In the Boston area, we also have HertzOnDemand – and yes both HertzOnDemand and ZipCar are in Somerville as well as a number of other New England cities. Outside of the Boston area, they seem to be mostly at college campuses. ZipCar offers a discount to college students and it makes sense since they rarely need access to a car.

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      Interesting statement on TTAC readership if the first three commenters have never heard of car-share services.

      Many car insurance companies altered their policies regarding car-sharing already, and it has been written about in major media, so it’s not like this is new.

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        James Courteau

        The two car sharing services in my home of Minneapolis have had great success, as has our bike sharing service. Thats saying something, because its cold and nasty here 4 months a year.

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        Come to think of it, I have heard of ZipCar and Car2Go, but didn’t really know what they were. I saw ZipCar once when visiting Philadelphia. Glad to hear it fits some people’s needs; I suppose if I lived in the city I might use such a service.

        I’m a suburban kid; I rode a city bus once in Pittsburgh and once in NYC. I grew up with cars; I don’t even know how to read a bus schedule, although I have ridden Chicago’s Metra and Atlanta’s MARTA and thought they were pretty good.

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    They are at war, and remember the wartime posters in the U.S.: “If you ride alone, you ride with Hitler”? Same thing: society is overstretched.

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    el scotto

    Location, location, location. If you take public transportation to work you can get by with a Zipcar. I did it when my Escape was in the body shop. Trust me, two weeks worth of groceries are heavy.

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