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Suzuki’s booth at the Toronto Motorcycle Show had a nice surprise amidst all the GSX-Rs and big cruisers. A 2013 Grand Vitara, sporting a new facelift and a brown paint scheme.

Although the Grand Vitara is a non-entity in the wider auto market, the new facelift didn’t look half bad. Still, the loaded example seen here starts at around $30,000 Canadian – that’s in well-equipped CR-V territory. Though it looks like the same 0 percent financing being offered in the US is also on offer here.

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13 Comments on “Suzuki Death Watch 14: A Facelifted Brown Grand Vitara Surfaces For Promotional Purposes...”

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    A local radio station played an add for a Suzuki dealership that said that they were selling the last of the Suzuki cars available in the US. It noted that this was it and no more new Suzukis were coming to the US.

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    It’s about time that Suzuki pandered to us brown car loving autojournos.

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      You’re the first one I thought of when I read that headline. :)

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        You are a good person, Chris. The Brown Car Appreciation Society smiles upon you.

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        I bought a ’71 Datsun 240Z and had it painted what I referred to as “Mugwump” brown … actually a contemporaneous Pontiac color. What Pontiac called it back then is lost to my memory. What a good-looking car that I wish I still had to this day.

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        My 80s Panther Town Car was brown. It sort of worked for that car, and at least judging by the specimens that are still around, seems like it was a popular color. I’ve only ever seen an 80s Town Car in 2 or 3 other colors (white, light blue, and that might be it), none of which was black, as is common for newer Town Cars.

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      Have you seen the brown Dacia Duster?? It’s surprisingly gorgeous. There’s one on my commute, it’s this earthy chocolate bronze color, and what’s distinctive is the metallic look. Look it up it’s great

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    Every time I see a brown car, I think to myself that they’re a (perhaps unknowingly) member of BCAS and it makes me smile.

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    Domestic Hearse

    Anyone have any news or stories of the deals being offered on the last of the U.S. Suzukis? Just wondering how deep the discounts are in order to move these orphans.

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    My ad agency group and I got one of these as a rental in LA a few years ago. We referred to it throughout the trip as the Grand Viagra.

    I could gild the lily and tell you that the ride was quite stiff, but let’s not go there.

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    Is this Suzuki’s version of “code brown” moment?

    Joking aside I used to laugh at the Suzuki display at the KC “international” Auto Show. They were not even in the display area but were settled at he entrance of a parking garage.

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    We’re long-time owners of Suzuki cars from the Sidekick to the Grand Vitara. As RVers, these cars are the rare (if not the only) automatic 4-wheel drive cars that can be towed with all 4 wheels down behind a motorhome. Not a huge niche, but one that exists/existed nonetheless.

    As a motorcyclist who’s had nothing but positive experiences with Suzuki motorcycles over the years, it was an easy choice to make when we decided to go out on the road full-time.

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