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Supposedly, one of the reasons for keeping Manchester United after  GM’s chief marketing honcho Joel Ewanick was fired for downright unethical shenanigans was that Man U is extremely popular in the Asian growth markets. Whereas they have a hard time even pronouncing “Ewanick.” So far, so good.  However, the secret of a successful marketing program lies in its flawless execution.

At a car show in China’s  Hunan Province, brought to you by Carnewschina, they had the proper Malibu, with a huge Manchester logo on the hood. But the girl! I mean, nothing wrong with the girl, but the shirt! It’s red alright, but it has last year’s sponsor AON on it. This is definitely a case of less is more: No shirt at all would have been more attractive than this one.

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11 Comments on “Shirt Stories: And Now, No Word Of Our Sponsor...”

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    The Chevy shirt sponsorship doesn’t start until the 2014 season. AON is the sponsor this year and next. I doubt you can even buy United kit with the bowtie on it.

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    I always wondered if it was okay to don a piece of kit with an outdated sponsor to a football match…is it a sign of your long-lasting support of the team, or is it a sign that you’re shirking your responsibility as a supporter to stay up to date with the apparel?

    Regardless, that’s an 2013 Epica, not a Malibu. You can tell from the trailing end of the Chinese character on the license plate that matches that of the Epica on the Chinese Chevy website.

    The upper grille is also much narrower than the lower grille on the Epica (like the Cruze), whereas the Malibu has more equal top and bottom grilles.

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    Aon is the current shirt sponsor for Man. United. Without them on the shirt most people that know about soccer (football) would not identify them as being apart of Manchester United. It is very different form the way we sponsor our sports teams in the United States.

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    sunridge place

    Chevy becomes the shirt sponsor in the 2014/2015 season….another ‘non-story’ GM story here. Shocking.

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    I guess they figured the general public can’t red them western characters anyhow… Man U, Aon, reads pretty much the same to them anyway.

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    No tattooed ManU’s red devil around the belly button? I say a missed marketing opportunity.

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    Excuse to post cute asian girls, amirite?

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    All the money China now has but they still can’t afford secondary sexual characteristics? Well, the Japanese never much went in for them either.

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    Lynn E.

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know Ewanick or what he did and apparently Man U is some kind of uninteresting sports team but please use any excuse you can for showing Chinese models.

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    el scotto

    He states what Ewanick used to do. Manchester United (Man U) is arguably the most valuable/recognized football (soccer) team in the world. I said arguably; not meaning to offend fans of the most popular sport on the planet. The Man U and China connection is natural and there are “booth babes” at just about every car show, trade convention, whatever expo. Highly technical convention? Pretty women in tight office appropriate clothing. Jeep used to build an indoor “trail course” at big auto shows and hire perky college-aged women to drive you around the course. Girlfriend’s teenage son went on the “trail course” and was driven around by said perky women. Three times.

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