By on December 5, 2012

Only 6 dealers haven’t taken a buyout offer from Suzuki – of the 219 Suzuki dealers in America, 213 took the offer from American Suzuki, including the top 50 dealers by volume.

Automotive News reports that dealers can expect 50 person of the money within 10 days of agreeing to the settlement, and the rest will come following the bankruptcy proceedings. Dealers will now be service and parts outlets. In some cases, dealers are attempting to clear out their inventory of over 5,000 cars by offering 72 month interest free loans among other incentives. Suzuki sales were up 22 percent year-over-year by AN‘s count, no doubt spurred on by the incentives.

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7 Comments on “Suzuki Death Watch 12: Over 98 Percent Of Suzuki Dealers Take The Money And Run...”

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    Land Ark

    Ok, so when should I go to my semi-local Suzuki dealer and try to pick up a Kizashi GTS/SLS at firesale prices?

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      The fire sale was going on for couple of weeks. The Suzuki dealer in my town reduced its inventory by 50% it went from 39 cars to 21. I am also keeping an eye on Kizashi, but it is not as cheap as I hoped yet.

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      When the Deathwatch articles started I checked what the nearest Suzuki dealer was offering. I don’t know the previous prices, but they seemed fairly discounted. Also 0 down, 0-1% interest financing. So basically, please get them off our lot now.

      Amend that. The location I was looking at seems to have already bailed. Their website is listed as being up for sale.

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    50 person = 50 percent?

    Land Ark — make them an offer. Surely once people realize that Suzuki is gone from this country, most won’t be willing to take one even at a fire-sale price.

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    Interesting, but that makes sense. Especially if they were a multi-brand dealership. Most of the suzuki dealers around here also sold kia/hyundai. So taking the cash and bringing down the sign isn’t a huge issue. I wonder what the three holdouts are waiting for? I’m wondering if some will become motorcycle/ATV dealers for suzuki?

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      Your explanation makes sense. Around here they were often paired up with Subaru, until they turffed them out. A lot have added recreational products to the mix.

      My guy started out in an old gas station. Moved in with Subaru. Went back to the gas station. Built a new building, but almost went broke before it was finished. Moved into an old furnature store with big glass windows and added the recreational line. They seem to be surviving OK.

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    A sad day when a company that uses Eskimos listening to fiffy cent Rollin ‘cross the tundra in ads ceases operations.

    The only ones I liked better than that were the Soul Hamsters…

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