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A 2012 VW Jetta TDI Wagon.

It comes with the usual six speed stick that you would find among thousands of other Jetta wagons all over the world.

It has the ‘arrest me red’ color that always comes across as neon pink whenever you photograph it in the sun.

But there are at least two mysterious facets of this urea indulgent uber-wagon. A rare and unusual frame damage announcement in the run list, and only 815 original miles.

This Jetta TDI wagon was titled with all of 69 miles on it back in December 2011. The former owner resided in Marietta, Georgia. A pretty little all-American town that is right next door to my home base of Powder Springs, GA.

There it spent the next year and 746 miles in a near constant state of stillness. Why? I don’t know. The Carfax and Autocheck show absolutely no accident history. I’ll likely find out tomorrow though. But in the meantime, if you’re interested you can feel free to give me a call at (770) 262-9880. I probably won’t buy it. But with the way the prices are going I’ll at least enjoy the conversation. Or just guess the final sales price if you are so inclined.

As for it being the lowest mileage unit I’ve ever seen? It isn’t.

That honorwould go to a lowly Hyundai Accent that had all of 52 miles on it before it was repossessed. I don’t remember what that sold for. But I did once buy a two year old base 2006 PT Cruiser in white and a 5-speed for all of $7000. That sold for $9,200 on Ebay.

I always remember my profits.

The auction will also feature two golden oldies in surprisingly decent condition.

A 1982 Chrysler Lebaron convertible with 166k along with a creaky, crack-ridden interior.


And a 1974 Chevy Silverado 2WD. Automatic.

No Title. Miles Exempt. The last bidder owns this truck alone and nothing more, with a five digit odometer showing 96,290 miles.

Here in Georgia, vehicles that are 1986 and older only require a bill of sale. No title needed to register it.

You want a title? Then go to a title bonding company. It’ll probably cost you around $200 to $400.

Questions? Well, I guess the selling price for all three would be nice. But let’s throw a little lemon merengue into the usual pie. There is a game that I play with other dealers called ‘over/under’ where we bet a buck per vehicle during the more ennui driven moments at the auction.

Here are the respective estimates for selling price of all three vehicles. $21,000, $1,600, $2,400. I’m going out on a limb with the first two. The second may seem a little low. But out here in Georgia there often seems to be far more old trucks than old cars, and malaise era vehicles are not known to be prized collectibles just yet.


So what’s it going to be. Over? Or under? Feel free to throw in a story about a few Y2K era sorority girls in Jettas, K-car craziness, or that time you did some shaggin’ with that special someone while listening to Blue Oyster Cult. On second thought, please scratch the last one. But feel free to share a good story on the other two.

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18 Comments on “Monday Mileage Midget: A Spring Chicken, And Two Old Cluckers...”

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    Nothing crazy about the K car convertible. One year older than mine and if it were closer, I’d buy it for parts. Plus it has Mark Cross leather interior, although in a color I could live without.

    2.6 or 2.2 engine? Think it might go for $200?

    • 0 avatar

      For me this was the car that signaled the end of malaise. It had a real convertible top instead of a fake one. Jimmuh Cartah was just a horrible memory. Car and Driver put a Lebaron convertible with the Mark Cross Leather interior and a beautiful woman in a see-through dress and no bra on their cover, perhaps setting a letters to ed record in the process. Hope was back, built on tax cuts, the return of the convertible, a restored military, and a President that detested our enemies instead of us.

    • 0 avatar

      Nothing wrong witht he Lebaron convertible, but the 1982 version is probably carburetted. I stay far away from carburetted cars from the 80’s.

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    Front damage? Buy it. I’m looking for one of these right now, as in pulling the trigger in the next two weeks. They certainly don’t come cheap, and there are tons of manual diesels out there that people actually want (screw you all for mocking the manual trans. diesel wagon fetish!).
    Seriously, I’d buy one with repaired front damage if the price reflected it, just so long as the B-pillar, roof and emissions equipment was left unmolested, as far as I know those are the big unfixable/too expensive parts. The front of the car is pure MkV Golf, so that is likely fixed properly.

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    The pickup looks pretty cool. Even in municipal yellow. If cleaned up, it could probably fetch ~4K up here in the rust belt if it’s decent.

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    bumpy ii

    “There it spent the next year and 746 miles in a near constant state of stillness. Why? I don’t know.”

    Fell off the lift at the dealer, who eventually bought it back under duress.

    The truck is old enough now to start nudging into collector territory. If it’s clean inside and out and runs well, $3500 would be reasonable in some places.

  • avatar
    Steven Lang

    The Jetta had minor repair work on the front A pillar. Technically any replacement of a quarter panel is considered frame damage under the NAAA guidelines.

    The two cluckers were bought by… me. Both of them are likely Ebay bound.

    • 0 avatar

      “A rare and unusual frame damage announcement in the run list, and only 815 original miles.”

      Maybe a tree hit the front A pillar? Or an older someone hit something with the car? Or something in the garage fell over onto the front A pillar?

      And quarter panel replacement is now considered frame damage – wow!

    • 0 avatar

      Over or Under?

  • avatar
    Roberto Esponja

    That pickup reminded me of the “Don’t you buy no ugly truck!” commercial from the eighties. Ugh…mustard yellow. Amazing how a bad color can ruin an otherwise decent vehicle.

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    Curious what they went for and how you would have sold the TDI, I have an 2011 TDI auto no issues at all with 47 k on it in 15 months, great car. Would the Jetta be a hard sell? Pros very little mileage, con very little mileage would raise eyebrows, Pro great real world mileage, con higher fuel cost and the damage, what might also help sell it is there are no more being made. VW shut down the wagon until the new model arrives and the Golf comes first than the wagon so some folks looking for a wagon can not buy new. The truck is cool, old ugly very useful and no need to worry if you put a dent in it plus everyone could use a truck right?

  • avatar

    I’d take the under on all of them. A Jetta TDI wagon with a manual? Only here on TTAC would it generate an over with an extra $800 on top if it was in brown. Hypermilers would love this car but they live in CA and already own a Prius. The other two ARE clunkers. I’m sure some farmer would love the truck so it could generate some interest. But a convertible K car? Unless it was in original condition and Iacocca himself was the buyer who wants this mess?

    • 0 avatar

      I can tell you that the TDI driver is much different driver from a Prius driver, there is very little cross over, with the TDI you get a better driving experience and your giving up some reliability, most TDI drivers value the driving experience as they spend plenty of miles in the seat. I drove over 40 k last year and no way no how would I do that in a Prius. In the TDI world a six speed is not a bad thing at all.

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    The LeBaron is a good parts car for actual Mopar K car fans. Yes, there is a K car club, and the rag tops have a following.

  • avatar

    what did the Jetta go for?

  • avatar

    C mon Steve don’t leave us hanging, I will be in your neck of the woods next week maybe I will stop by and see the beaters you bought on your lot

    • 0 avatar
      Steven Lang

      The Jetta went for $20,700 plus the auction fee. So right around $21k, but technically it would have been an “under” since the final bid was below the $21k mark.

      I bought the other two. The truck has an ugly, cheap seat cover because the vinyl one under it is a bit wore out. But the rest of the truck is in pretty good shape. Good body, great flawless powertrain. I bought it for $1500 which was a helluva deal.

      The Lebaron we’ll see. They couldn’t get it to run right and I’m hoping that the carburetor issue can be handled by an old mechanic friend. Only paid $500.

      I also bought a 10 year old Subaru Forester with about 140k for $2000 along with a 1999 Infiniti Q45 with 130k for $2300. I had three separate people compliment me on getting the truck, Forester and the Infiniti and to be frank, that’s something I hear maybe twice a month if that.

      I love the truck. The Lebaron may grow on me. However, I think I’ll end up selling both of those in due time along with the Forester and Q ship. I would love to find a real enthusaist for either of the two cluckers.

  • avatar

    Thanks Steve for the info

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