By on December 17, 2012

What’s the lifted-truck equivalent of a Corvette drag-race calamity? Obviously, it’s the above video. (Warning: LANGUAGE IN VIDEO IS NSFW) But wait, there’s more.

This whole tug of war thing… is a thing!

Sometimes the results are inconclusive.

And sometimes people use the power of their trucks for good. This isn’t everyone’s idea of automotive enthusiasm, but who are we to say it’s any less valid than running a 458 Italia around Laguna Seca?

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19 Comments on “Meanwhile, In Flyover Country...”

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    The mall video was awesome, and the brand of trucks doesn’t matter.

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    Compensate much?

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    The last video reminds me that i used to have to do that in the winter myself. I worked at a large dealer a while back ( was there for 20 yrs) and the parts delivery guys (GM, Mazda, and Nissan) would always get hung up in the “south 40” on the back lot after a snow or ice storm. I would pull them when needed out all the way to the highway from the back with a 1975 GMC 4WD lot truck. and lemme tell ya that thing did not like it one bit. I am surprised something did not break with all the poppin and clanging i heard out of the TC and FR axle. It was fun though.

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    I have the grippiest tires. No, I have the grippiest tires! LET’S TUG IT OUT BRO. We shall see who has the true kung-fu grip…

    Kind of surprised the chain didn’t snap and decapitate someone at the start, or that the alpha bro didn’t end up flipping the other truck.

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      Rednecks in trucks have been doing this trick for 35 years that I can remember. I’d wager it has been going on longer than that.

      Other motorsports include driving the wrong way down a 4-lane highway very late at night with your lights off. They still do that one to.

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    Wheel diameter and gearing play the biggest role in pulling power and traction. After that its engine torque profile and then power. Spinning wheels is generally a bad thing unless you have huge amounts of power. Huge amounts of power come with a reliability cost and that is also a bad thing for trucks.

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      Don’t forget weight over driving wheel. So the local paramedics could probably “win” this with the up fitting having added a couple of thousand extra pounds.

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    So one of those guys thaught the following combination would yield a an attractive or functional vehicle; a truck, low profile tyres on humongous wigger rims, a lift and topped of with an off road bumper and a bullbar?
    The “attractive” explanation requires a blind and/or very senile owner, the functional explanation requires an owner that went for; zero offroad capability, restricted load handling capability and practicality and an uncomfortable ride while at the same time destroying any capability to corner safely going faster then walking speed.
    So basically the only real purpose of the white dodge is to kill pedestrian, cyclists and motorists intentionally or unintentionally . Damn you TTAC, you’ve killed my long held dream of going coast to coast, if the drivers you encounter builds vehicles specifically to kill you, or has disabilities that should preclude them from driving I’m not going to risk my european neck.

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    The first video was removed by the user. And I was in the mood for some NSFW!

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    Updated link to the first video:

    Yes, it’s as stupid as you’d expect.

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    “Flyover” generally refers to the midwest. Those D-bags in the mall video are obviously from down south. I love big trucks, the job I do would be impossible without them, but I doubt these trucks or the kids driving them have ever seen an honest days work in their lives.

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    el scotto

    Here, hold my beer!

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      Along with “Hey y’all, watch this!”. Guarantee a redneck is going to the morgue, or at least the ER.
      And yes, I am one. So please don’t complain about me picking on the South.

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    I’m going to say “white” truck, “silver” truck because I’m not a truck fanboi and don’t really have a dog in the hunt and there are, in reality, so many variables at play. Having said that, it’s not often you see someone get their a$$ handed to them on a platter to that degree. I mean to be drug around a parking lot and then end up tossed and ending up in the totally opposite direction. It was funny! The look on the passenger’s face in the white truck was priceless! Then the guy in the silver truck just calmly opens the door and steps out as if to say, “have you had enough”? I think that mouthy, heavy young woman indicted that she was involved with the silver truck so the winner went home with her. Sad to live in a world where you lose either way.

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      Carlson Fan

      That’s what happens when your stupid enough to chain the back of your gasser to a diesel . GM Duramax, Dodge Cummins, Ford Powestroke, doesn’t matter the results we’ll always be the same.

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    ♪Tradition, tradition ♪Yeah, even the dumb ones live on. I remember ditch wars from the late 70s. Two trucks would back up by a very steep ditch. They were connected by an anchor rope, and then the tug-o-war began. The loser got winched out. The “winner” got to limp home with a smoking clutch.
    I used to run my CJ5 places it should never should have gone, but I never understood that.

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    That last video is especially ridiculous: it’s a half ton (therefore non-diesel, with the Hemi caption confirming that), with freakin’ 20″ stock wheels, and it also appears to either be a RWD model or not shifted into 4WD. I’d wager it was putting no more torque to the ground in that configuration than a 1980s mini truck in 4-LO.

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    Joshua Johnson

    My personal favorite.

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