Junkyard Find: 1983 Chevrolet Citation

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1983 chevrolet citation

We’ve seen an ’81 Citation and an ’82 Citation in this series, so let’s continue down GM’s Bad Memory Lane with a 1983 version of the car that damaged The General’s image even more than the Vega. Somehow, this car stayed on the street— or at least out of the wrecking yard— for 29 years, but now it awaits crushing in a Denver self-serve wrecking yard.

The Citation hung on until the 1985 model year, and… wait a minute, is that a choke warning light on the dash of a 1983 car?

This one has the same 2.8 V6 that went into the Fiero.

Yep, those are molded-in stitches in the maroon vinyl seat upholstery.

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  • And003 And003 on Feb 18, 2013

    I wonder if the Citation has room for a V-8.

    • -Nate -Nate on Feb 19, 2013

      Not unles it was a tiny V-8 ! . Our Undercover X Car was that fancy - schmancy Chevy model I no longer remember the designation of , it came with alloy wheels and one newbie Narco - Cop who must have watched Starsky & Hutch , smacked a curb with it and broke a wheel , Chevy wanted $850 (!) fir a new wheel on that POS $200 car.... -Nate

  • 1981X-11 1981X-11 on Apr 03, 2015

    GM X-Body – Citation X-11 Facebook page. Almost 500 members, over 1000 pics, and every-year X-car dealer brochure in the Photo Albums section. Ha! https://www.facebook.com/groups/chevycitations/

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