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China is the land where you have a choice of two kinds of Red Bull, both equally fake.  The Austrian maker of the stuff has been in court for years, did win, and still can’t sell the original stuff in China, because the other party appealed. Now, Jaguar Land Rover is faced with starting its own arduous battle against the fakers: There is an energy drink called “Land Rover.”  

Found by a reader of Carnewschina in Guangzhou in southern China, the “Land Rover” drink has a logo that looks like a Jaguar. Or maybe it’s a tiger. The Chinese characters say “Lu Hu”,  which , according to the linguists at Carnewschina means ‘Road Tiger’. It is also the proper Chinese name for Land Rover.

The product may draw attention from another side. Design and colors of the bottle are a mirror image of a Brazilian-Chinese energy drink called Recca.

We are sorry that we cannot supply a review of the product. A friend in Huadu, a suburb of Guangzhou, volunteered to try the stuff. And now he won’t answer his phone.

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23 Comments on “Fake In China: A Land Rover You Can (But Maybe Should Not) Drink...”

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    As an expat to Mainland China, there were several things that I found especially horrifying:

    #1 Dog meat is the most expensive on the menu, but that’s probably a good thing since that means it’s unlikely you’d get it as a substitute for chicken or pork.

    #2 Cats served as shish-ka-bobs.

    #3 water bottles reclaimed and refilled using tap water contaminated with lead and heavy metals.

    #4 A street vendor who used shredded cardboard soaked in pork juice to make “pork buns”.

    #5 seeing kittens on leashes tethered to street poles.

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      Shakes my head… although the “pork buns” vendor gets points for being especially creative.

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      Google “McRib ingredients”.

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      #1 Supply and demand
      Visitors want to try it and the rich/developing middle class are keeping them as pets as opposed to snacks. pretty sure it will become a delicacy, like African game meat, alligator meat etc etc.

      Heard of turducken? The next big thing I think, will be the chinese knock-off “docarat”: A rat eaten by a cat, which in turn, eaten by a dog, steamed for hours, then flash fried and drizzled with Hoisin sauce and chopped scallions.

      #2 I doubt it. Stray Cats are usually lean, it’s hard to get a big chunk of meat from a cat. on the other hand, kebabs from the Halal Food carts in NYC are delicious. If that’s cat meat, I think I’m ok with it.

      #3 This, I will believe. I was born in Hong Kong and came to the states in ’86. I remember stories of my parents visiting relatives in mainland they always brought their own canteen/water bottle.

      #4 They debunked that story; if you trust wikipedia and snopes as valid sources.
      However, the buns themselves might be “recycled”:

      #5 um.. see item 1, “docarat”

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      Christians don’t eat dog. (unwritten rule)
      Muslims don’t eat pork.

      I guess it’s OK, if you are neither. Personally, I don’t see why dog is a superior specie than pig or cow or chicken. Pet pigs and pet chicks are pretty cute too.

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        Unlike pigs or chickens, dogs have evolved in close partnership with humans for thousands of years. Some of the remarkable results: Dogs tend to recognize us as their (pack) leaders and happily defer to us in ways no other animals do. Uniquely, they’re incredibly proficient at reading our facial expressions and empathetic to our moods. They’re even the only species that will look or go to where we point our finger–or to where we glance. Not even chimps–our closest genetic cousins–can do that. BBC’s “Secret Life of Dogs”:

        [I’m sitting by the fireplace with a dog laying on my feet. As cute as they are, I can’t imagine doing this with a pig or a chicken!]

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    Go back a few decades into the history of the U.S. before the FDA, and look at some of the bogus medicinals being sold. China doesn’t have some sort of problem unique to humanity, there’ve been people selling fakes for as long as there’ve been people.

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    That logo manages to simultaneously rip off Jaguar and Red Bull.

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    If i would see that in a shelf i would have thought it to be antifreeze

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    There are profoundly weird dishes in China. Perhaps the most extreme are expensive dumplings made from human placenta and human abortion ejecta. That all-penis restaurant in Beijing is just funny. Plus, lot of dietary and traditional medicine choices are hard on endangered species globally.

    I have lived in China for over eleven years now. I thought it would eventually grow on me, but most food still tastes nasty. Just about any other Asian cuisine is more appealing, to me anyway.

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    China never ceases to reveal activities, behavior, or ethics that repulse me.

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    In our Chinese/Vietnamese household, we have a policy of no ingredients made in China unless its the Haw Flakes or Lee Kum Lee brand. It’s not much of a sacrifice since many of our favorite ingredients are made in the US and Canada, while the balance come from Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong (which is technically part of China, but has something called Rule of Law which really makes it a British colonial relic).

    Mmm, sriracha sauce…

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    It sounds like China is still somewhat like the “Wild West” when it comes to copyright law. That was always the real bugaboo in dealing with China, but I thought they had made great strides in statutes and enforcement to attract foreign investment. Is this a case of needing a joint venture partner to do the leg work, or is the Chinese legal system not yet up to the task? I imagine such episodes are watched closely by both current and potential investors.

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    In China, you have Land Rover energy drinks.

    In the US of A, everything rectangular with round corners must be Apple, or face a $1B fine. When Apple gets the circle patented, we will have to either drive an Apple iCar, or ones with square wheels.

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    On the other hand red bull tastes like piss and has about zero of the claimed effects as it contains very little caffeine. Are you sure that one of the red bull branded drinks isn’t the asian original, that still tastes like piss?

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