Chrysler Prepping Aussie-Spec 300C SRT8 Superleggera

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
chrysler prepping aussie spec 300c srt8 superleggera

With stiff competition coming from both Holden’s HSV sedans and the Ford Falcon FPV, Chrysler is looking to make the 300C SRT8 more competitive by offering a decontented version, that’s actually a bit quicker than the standard-spec car.

The SRT currently retails for $66,000 AUD, about $2,000AUD more than an equivalent HSV Clubsport. The stripped-out version would sell for around $60,000. Features like the adjustable suspension, forged wheels and radar-based cruise control would be absent, but ultimately would have no effect on the car’s performance.

According to the Brisbane Times, Australia is SRT’s largest market outside the United States – the base versions of the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon may be sliding down the sales charts, but Australians are still buying the hottest V8 versions. Even Mercedes AMG division reports that Australia is one of its best markets.

Perhaps if we lean of Ralph Gilles hard enough, we’ll finally get an Aussie muscle car here, in the form of the fat-free SRT8. I’m sure there are plenty of customers who would be more than willing to settle for a slightly less opulent SRT8, if it saved them six grand and a couple tenths in acceleration times.

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  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Dec 21, 2012

    Is it really going to be a volume model though? Do the Aussies have some different view of thirsty "domestic" sedans compared to the US?

  • Racer-esq. Racer-esq. on Dec 21, 2012

    Isn't a stripper 300C SRT8 a Charger SRT8? They probably are doing this for Australia because Chrysler actually offers a RHD 300 for Australia, and it is easier to offer a decontented 300C SRT8 than to run the Charger with a RHD interior.

    • RobertRyan RobertRyan on Dec 21, 2012

      Yes they do. They do not have RHD Chargers, Vipers or Rams, as a result not sold here.

  • Danio3834 Danio3834 on Dec 21, 2012

    Sounds liek they're giving it the Superbee treatment that SRT Charger got over here. Those have actually been pretty popular from what I've seen.

    • RobertRyan RobertRyan on Dec 21, 2012

      No just making it cheaper so they can sell more. Jeep is the big seller for Chrysler here. Well a relative BIG, still small compared to the Japanese and Koreans.

  • I'm still rolling a supercharged 2006 SRT8 300c which I'm gonna keep as a collector. I love the way it looks. The new ones have more power, but they are also 400 pounds plus heavier.

    • LeadHead LeadHead on Dec 22, 2012

      And are faster, have infinitely better interiors and far superior handling. Good trade off IMO, especially for a near-luxury/luxury brand.