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Amid flat growth for the ultra-luxury segment, Lamborghini may kill their luxury SUV project to save money.

The Urus, widely panned by the automotive media, debuted earlier this year, but may die on the vine due to the potential downsides of such an ambitious project. Speaking to Reuters, Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann said

“It’s meaning to double the size of the company in every sense in a difficult economic environment, so we have to think twice if the project is valuable,” 

While sales are up for 2012, Winkelmann is expecting 2013 to be flat, despite a long waiting list for the Aventador and the introduction of a new roadster variant. The implosion of Europe’s economy has impeded Lamborghini’s quest to bring sales back to their pre-recession highs. If the Urus, a vehicle sure to be snatched up in SUV-hungry markets like China and Russia, can’t get off the ground, then we’re looking at an indicator of uncertain times.

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15 Comments on “Lamborghini Sees Demand Flattening For Ultra-Luxury Cars, SUV Not A Done Deal...”

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    The Urus (needs a better name) could be for Lamborghini what the Cayenne has been for Porsche. That’s a sweet-looking ride.

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      If you mean a brand defiling monstrosity that moves focus away from core values and will eventually lead the brand to become just yet another status symbol between Audi and Bentley for rich divorcees, then I agree.

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        The difference between this and the Cayenne — and it’s a huge one — is that Lamborghini has built SUVs before. The LM002 didn’t do any harm to Lamborghini’s “core values”, whatever those are.

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        Please don’t be one of those who thinks the only true Porsche is air-cooled and rear-engined.

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        gslippy: I don’t, but I think a Porsche (and a Lamborghini) has to be aspirational. Once it becomes mainstream then it can no longer command a premium price. The Urus is apparently based on the same platform as the Touareg, Q7 and Cayenne, so brings nothing new to the table … it’s just a trim level, badge engineered car a lot like a Lincoln.

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        “The difference between this and the Cayenne — and it’s a huge one — is that Lamborghini has built SUVs before. The LM002 didn’t do any harm to Lamborghini’s “core values”, whatever those are.”

        2 mistakes don’t make a right. It was a mistake back then too, and nobody looks back on it with fond memories.

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        @John Rosevear

        And didn’t Lamborghini start out as a tractor manufacturer? Full circle, I suppose. And either way, Lambo has never really marketed themselves as any form of understated elegance for the cognoscenti marque; the way some others have. Those guys did Bling before most Blingers were even born.

        One thing Lambo really needs to focus on, is being, by a wide margin, THE fastest and most over the top SUV out there, which is tough, given the number of 500+hp chariots out there. A twin turboed version of the Aventador engine, if that’s what it would take to lift the fronts off the ground during acceleration, would be a good start.

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      “That’s a sweet-looking ride.”

      Yeah it is, even though it violates every principle I have.
      Like a hit of mescaline for a teetotaler. The Alienware motif applied to a car.

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      Urus sounds like a type of discharge from the urethral region, the measurement of which this car is designed for.

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    I wonder about the Bentley SUV. All of those Range Rover customers will need something to aspire to…

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    these cars are hopelessly impractical. All they need to do is put together a Lamborghini with roughly the same interior space as a CTS-V coupe and they’d have a hit.

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    I don’t see how you can compare the values compromise that is the Urus to the LM002. The LM002 was a ‘Real’ Lamborghini – it was not built to expand their market share, it was not designed to broaden their model line up.

    It was built because it was batshite insane.

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