Ford C-Max Outsells Toyota Prius V In First Full Month Of Sales

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
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ford c max outsells toyota prius v in first full month of sales

The Ford C-Max’s first full month on sale was a fruitful one for the Blue Oval – the C-Max managed to beat its arch rival, the Toyota Prius V.

Toyota managed to move 2769 Prius V’s in October, compared to 3182 C-Max’s. According to AutoGuide, 25 percent of C-Max sales occurred in California.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • APaGttH APaGttH on Nov 02, 2012

    And the Volt outsold the Prius V too. What? I'm sure bringing that up will make for some EX-cellent popcorn eating.

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    • Rudiger Rudiger on Nov 03, 2012

      @Luke42 That's quite a perceptive observation on the question of hybrid refinement. Toyota, while still the quality leader, has taken something of a backward step in this area. The most recent versions of the Prius, while still reliable, take quite a drubbing on level of refinement in passenger comfort and driving dynamics. I think it was a TTAC review of the latest standard Prius which compared it to being in the movie 2001 (sitting in the Prius, one could envision hearing the line "Open the pod bay doors, HAL" was how it was put in the review).

  • Carlson Fan Carlson Fan on Nov 03, 2012

    "And the Volt outsold the Prius V too" 2961 - a record month for the Volt. Really thought it would break 3K in October. The doctor out east that started GM sold his Volt to buy a C-Max. Family of 5, wife drives a Leaf, easy to see why the 4 passenger Volt wasn't very practical for him.

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    • Luke42 Luke42 on Nov 03, 2012

      @Rudiger: I loved the Volt when I drove it, but I certainly agree that it's better suited to empty nesters than to young/growing families. I'm in young-family camp for the next 10 yeas or so. @Benders: The C-Max comes in two varieties: one functionally equivelent to the Prius, and the other is functionally equivalent to the Volt (but with about half the all-electric range). [Long analysis of which vehicle is better for which situation deleted]

  • Conslaw Conslaw on Nov 04, 2012

    I got an indicated 40 MPG on a test-drive of the C-Max hybrid. Ford tries to market it as a CUV, but the cargo room is really more like that of a Toyota Matrix. Rear seats up, the C-Max doesn't have a lot more space than the regular Prius hatchback. (On the other hand, the C-Max is markedly quicker and roomier in the cabin than the Prius hatchback.) By the way, my local dealer just got its first C-Max Energi plug-in. They didn't even have their charging station yet. I was shocked at how little cargo room there is in the Energi. I would be surprised if you could get three grocery bags in there without blocking the view out the back.

  • Mr Nosy Mr Nosy on Nov 05, 2012

    Without getting into like,details,but typing as a denizen of Lossangeles,I can say with full anecdotal authority that Toyota (Except for Prius) and Honda,have ceded control to other marques in markets that were solidly under their control for the past twenty years or so. Mazda Threes are what VW Jettas used to be,cars for people whose next car is a 3 series BMW (Unless CUV-itis kicks in.Oh Mazda has a model for that now.) Ford has bounced back more with the Fusion,more so than the new and slightly overpriced Focus. FIATs-not just for the gays (I'm just as surprised as you are.). Subarus,still taking SAAB trade-ins...Cadillac CTS,German car types want a change,or perhaps some bitter reminder.Oh,and Audi seems to garner/rook potential Acura,Lexus,& Infiniti owners by the baker's dozen.BTW/Etc,KIA & Hyundai.