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Fisker wanted to sell its $100,000-plus Karma plug-in hybrid in China by the end of this year. It’s not happening. Fisker “encountered a slight delay in obtaining final certification to sell cars in China” spokesman Roger Ormisher told Reuters. The company now targets “the first quarter of next year to take advantage of China’s rapidly growing market for luxury cars.” Good luck with that.

Before Fisker tries again, CEO Tony Posawatz should check in with his old colleagues at GM. They will tell him that the Chinese are particular when it comes to what they call “New Energy” vehicles. They want them made in China. Under a Chinese brand.  Hint: The Sail EV is not a Chevy, but a “Shanghai GM Sail SRINGO EV.”  As such, it qualifies for a hefty $16,000 subsidy. As a Chevrolet: No money. Hint: Nissan’s Leaf  will be a Venucia car when it arrives in China, and it will be built in China.

A plugin hybrid like the Karma would qualify for slightly lower, but still juicy subsidies. If its made in China under a Chinese brand. An imported $100,000 Karma could easily turn into a $150,000 and higher car once import duties and taxes are paid, and it gets nothing in subsidies.

Still trying to get Karmas to China?

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8 Comments on “Fisker Delays Bringing Karmas To China, Should Forget About It...”

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    Maybe China’s policy on green cars is why Fisker is talking about going after China’s growing luxury car market. China is a critical market for high end car makers. Based upon media reports, from my perch here in Detroit there certainly appears to be a segment of the Chinese market that goes for high profile, exotic and very expensive cars. The Fisker would seem to fit that bill well – I’m not sure that the back seat has enough space for rich Chinese who like to ride in the back, but then Ferrari seems to be doing well in China and they don’t sell many four seaters. Earlier this year, Rolls Royce announced that they’d sold out the number of high luxe “Dragon” Phantoms @ $1.2 million each that they were building just for China. Assuming they get government approval to import cars, they’ll find at least a few Chinese customers looking for flash.

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      I think that the Fisker could sell because it will attract more attention than anything of similar cost. Everyone has Bentleys and whatnot, but a Fisker?

      What they need though, if they havent already, is an extended wheelbase edition

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      if u know how to put the right kind of grease on the right spot on the palm u get to sell anything under the sun and not with standing legal or illegal.


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        Dad, is that you? You’re absolutely correct and I’m going to stir the PC police up and explain:

        If you’re handed a turd don’t try to polish the thing, put a spin on it and sell it. Create the demand and, if done correctly, you’re not only selling every turd you can lay your hands on, they’re being purchased and immediately put on Ebay. (Want a Twinkie?) So, you have a car that catches on fire… You don’t think there’s a market for that? There’s not only a market but, a customer base that will become your best spokesmen.

        Do you know any Jew who doesn’t have at least one vacant building he needs to get rid of? “This is my sixth Karma – since June. I love the Karma so well that my wife now drives one, too. ~ Irving Fishbaum, Miami, FL”

        What about drug dealers. You get pulled over and the Karma and all the drugs go away. “It ain’t the 0-60 the Karma gave me but, the the 2-10 it saved me! ~ Gordon (Dr. Bigz) Jones, Compton, CA”

        Italians? “We used to drive Town Cars and the Karma has them beat! Just pulling up in front of a business in the Karma makes a statement. I’ve closed deals without even getting out of the car. We’re a Karma family now! ~ Tony “one ear” Galone, Brooklyn, NY”

        Successful men of any type. “It’s so sad. My wife and I were in the middle of a nasty divorce and then we started getting back together… I took her to dinner and her eyes lit up when I gave her the box with diamond ring and the keys to a new Karma. So sad… ~ Hank Phillips, Aspen, CO”

        It’s the end of the year and at our house that always meant just one thing: INVENTORY! Inventory at our place was a noun and a verb. Dad, I hope your inventory levels are where you want them. God knows they never were on earth!

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    Release a gold plated version and some Chinese will buy it.

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    If Fisker can manage to be an uplevel brand with a luxury perception in China.

    That extra $$$$ import duty tax won’t matter. The people who purchase at that price range care more about image than price, so I’m not sure I find your argument all that compelling in the case of Fisker.

    If Fisker was a more volume oriented product.. ie Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt I would agree with you, but it’s not.

    It’s a luxury item as such, price in China is nearly irrelevant right now, as long as it can market itself in a way to become something to brag about it will do just fine.

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    I guess they saw China as a big cash-cow since luxury-car-shopping is at an all-time high and image is everything.

    Too bad they didn’t do their homework…

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    Fisker wants a JV. They need batteries badly. It’s a doddle to sell things to yourself instead of having to recertify and import from new suppliers.

    They’ve just left it too late. There may be no Fisker by this time next year.

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