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BMW will enter marketing history by bringing McDonalds to the automotive industry. Just like McD took one food platform as the basis of a panoply of products (Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double Cheseburger, McDouble, Daily Double) BMW’s MINI perfects the art and science of mass customization. The latest iteration: The long awaited Mini Paceman, debuting for North America at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

At a base U.S. price of $23,900, the Mini Paceman offers “powerful, dynamically stretched coupe lines and the hallmark MINI go-kart feeling” on a lowered sports suspension and optional all-wheel drive.

We celebrate this momentous occasion with a maxi-sized picture library, a small selection of hundreds offered by BMW. The MINI Paceman will go on sale beginning March 16, 2013. You want fries with that?

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39 Comments on “BMW Maximizes Mini Investment. With The Mini Paceman...”

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    New Mini Countryclubwagonpacemakercoupecabriovan

    I’m just not interested in any Mini product. I get more annoyed with them at each new iteration, and ridiculous made-up-psuedo-Brit name.

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      Am I the only person completely lost now with these things?
      What makes this different from all the other versions?
      I just don’t see it, nor do i understand it.

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        Well, you can’t get AWD in a regular Cooper, only the mini SUV thing (I can’t keep the names straight, either). The “dynamically stretched coupe lines” nonsense is just that. This seems like a decently logical update to the current Cooper/S with the addition of an AWD option, not worthy of a new model designation, but Mini likes to be different. And I’m sure the trendsetters that wear ’80s style glasses and $150 flannel shirts and jeans that are made new to look old and dirty will buy more than a handful because it’s The New Mini(R). Mini is a fully marketing-driven brand and is by far the closest the automotive world comes to Apple.

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        It’s not that confusing…

        Cooper = The “regular” 2 door Mini. Available as as 4 seat coupe or 4 seat convertible.

        Cooper Coupe = same as regular Cooper except only two seats, coupe or convertible.

        Clubman /Clubvan = stretched version of regular Cooper with a third reverse opening door on passenger side. Clubvan has no side windows, is intended as a small delivery vehicle.

        Contryman = Mini’s only 4 door. The “suv” of the family. Only Mini avalible with AWD.

        Peaceman: A two door version of the Contryman.

        Of course there are different trim levels; base, S, John Cooper Works, GP, etc. of every model, making it seem as if there are a never ending stream of very similar cars, but arguably it’s Only 3 truly different models.

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      If I could give you a thumbs up, I would. +1

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      Sure, the naming scheme may be a bit whack, but the reality is, a mainstream automaker can’t get by on just one model.

      Even the sacred Jeep understands this. You can get a wrangler in a variety of configurations these days, from hardcore offroader to four-door-soccer mom-mobiles with heated, leather seats and chromed-out everything. They’ll even paint the roof and fenders the same eye-searing orange as the rest of the body!

      I get that you may not like it, and that it probably doesn’t have what you’re looking for in a vehicle, but why should you get annoyed with their very existence? Sure a two door tall hatchback is more about style than substance (and style is very subjective). This thing is still a more interesting and exciting vehicle than 85% of the stuff on the road today. Just be thankful that car makers can get away with making and selling vehicles that fall outside the snooze-inducing paradigm that is the list of automotive best-sellers.

      That said, if they introduce a cabrio version of this then I may have to jump to your side of the argument.

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    I’m holding out for the $70,000 John Cooper Works GP Inspired by Goodwood edition.

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    What is this thing supposed to be? A crossover? A sports car? A wagon?

    I can’t tell any of the Minis apart from one another.

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    So I guess there’s a market for these things or something. When is the pickup variant coming? If such a thing existed, maybe it would actually be about the size of a Ranger or S-10. Because IMO people going to Lowe’s or HD on the weekend for mulch don’t need an F150.

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    Seeing past the snark, it seems that BMW, like Mickey D’s, knows its customer base. Think I might like this iteration of the Good Burger more if it wasn’t slathered in metallic-poop brown. Can’t wait for that color palette choice to go away again.

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    Felis Concolor

    I thought that was Burger King’s shtick: “Have It Your Way.” Or would that be more appropriate for an a la carte option sheet?

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      Ironically, it has been found that BK has the lowest customer satisfaction of getting the burger choice correct. Should change it to “Have It Some Way” or “Have It Anyway”.

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        I don’t find it ironic at all. I hate these burrito places that ask you fifty questions to make your burrito. If I knew how to make the perfect burrito, I would start my own restaurant. OTOH, you have Wendy’s that charges you for cheese, and you have to ask them to take it off. Isn’t it called a “hamburger” chain rather than a cheeseburger chain for a reason?

        On the whole, I kind of like the many mini variety options. I likely won’t ever buy one, but it seems like eventually they may make one so individually suited for me I will have to buy it.

        I don’t know what I want, but if you make it, you win my business. Is there really anything wrong with that?

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    Man I loved the original Mini ….scratch that, I meant to say the original BMW new mini …(blame it on the de koninck)… But I don’t get the distinctions either.

    Theres nothing that gives me the scale but as long as its nothing like the size of that new CUV sized monstrosity that’s kinda shaped like a mini I’ll be okay.

    I’m sure it’ll be expensive though.

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      I wouldn’t go that far…sure it’s bigger, and stretches the definition of “Mini” but it’s considerably smaller than any other CUV in the North-American market. Have you ever stood next to one? The roof line is at like, chest height. Compared to a CX-5, Escape, or even a smaller CUV like a Mitsu RVR or the new Impreza XT or w/e, it’s more compact.

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        Yes ive driven next to both of them and in my car I look “up” to the Mini so the CUV thing is just bloated looking.

        Honestly I feel the same way about Porsche trying to make everydamnthing look like a 911 so it’s not just mini. I just see nothing to like in a Maxi-mini.

        I’m sure they’ll sell bajillions of them.

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      Sure it’s bigger, but a Countryman/Paceman is still smaller than a GTI. Hardly a monstrosity. I will admit to having driven one, and not really ‘feeling it’. I think it’s a MINI for people that need the extra space but don’t want to buy a second car.

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      I found myself a while ago sitting at a light behind a Countryman and a first-generation Honda CRV. They were identically proportioned (right down the the inset greenhouse) and seemed to be essentially exactly the same size.


      Per wikipedia:

      CRV Countryman
      Wheelbase 103 in 102.2 in
      Length 178 in 161.3 in
      Width 70 in 70.4 in
      Height 67 in 61.5 in

      (awesome. The software “helpfully” eliminated “unnecessary” spaces…)

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    It’s a baby Evoque! Ah, how cute!

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    This damn thing looks like a love child between an Evoque and a standard Mini. Yecch!

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    Lost on me. I liked it when they offered just the Mini and the Cooper S. I guess if BMW feels a niche, they have to scratch it.

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    “The long awaited Mini Paceman…”

    Was it, really?

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    I suppose you can use the Paceman to chase around your friends in their Rolls Royce Ghosts. I wonder if there will be a Ms.Paceman?

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    Mr Nosy

    Mini has a little catching up before being fully comparable to Micky Dees. So far, there’s no model comparable to the Filet O’ Fish in their line up,a la the Aquada.The Bassman,were it to be developed,could tap the urban dwelling,sport fisherman demographic,and their emphasis on a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. A Sushiman submodel would also be a definite hit with aspiring models and actresses,but only if the guy pays for it.

    I’m also a bit surprised that Mini has never popped out a true Jr BMW, The Notchman. Because Americans love trunks,probably because they’re easier to conceal bodies in than hatchbacks.

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    I’ve been waiting 30 years for a 2dr AWD hatch with a little clearance, power, and a semblance of handling, quality and comfort. I’m 6’2″ – not extreme but don’t like looking to the left and seeing the post; I’ve got a mile of gravel driveway and 20 miles of winding country road to town; two big dogs who like the ride as much as I do and we get 6 to 12 inches of snow in the winter. It’s a niche, I know, but I’ll bet that after I buy one of these cars two or three others peeps in this valley will get one too. I like it.

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