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The exalted community of Panther-platform enthusiasts has a term for people who deliberately make their Crown Vics look like working undercover/plainclothes police cars: “wackers”.

You can’t call this fellow a “wacker”. “Wack”, on the other hand…

TTAC reader and occasional deep-background contributor “Curvy McLegalbriefs” spotted this on the road in the District of Columbia and promptly snapped a shot for us. There’s something to be said about the unique aesthetic in play here; although it appropriates the look of a police car, the actual purpose of the “HUSTLA” livery is to glorify the dope game and remind everyone that they need to “stop snitch’n”.

The fact that it’s legal to drive around in a vehicle explicitly instructing citizens to keep their mouths shut about crimes in their neighborhood is either a remarkable triumph for this country’s free-speech ideals or an explicit demonstration that America in general, and DC in particular, is a failed state. Maybe both! Let’s roll the tape.

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17 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Carmelo Anthony Edition...”

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    Didn’t Geek Squad have to change its color scheme in California because it could be interpreted as posing as police?

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      Yes. The CHP made them reverse the colors since it was similar to a CHP car. In fact it’s illegal to own a “black and white” in California, when a cop car car is retired, it’s repainted. Plus the very real problem of police impersonation is something that is not taken lightly here…. in fact I put a ‘Police Interceptor’ badge on my Mustang, I had it on there because I grew up with the CHP and their 5.0 Mustangs, though I’m sure the cops didn’t like that… never got pulled over, but I had their attention…

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    The target audience for this car is already well acquainted with it, as passengers. Love that fiberglass rear seat.

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    SE DC is a place where a vehicle like this is welcomed, I could ask any of my ghetto ass cousins up there, and they probably wouldn’t see a thing wrong with it. DC has gotten better over the years though. Plus at least it isn’t a Crown Vic on 24’s with a Capitol’s livery.

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    Every rapper brags about the “weight” they used to move, same as what this car is saying. Difference is I think the rappers wait til the statue of limitations expires, and this car is probably still “active.”

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    Frankly, I find this treatment a little pusillanimous.

    Why all the code words? Those are for PUNKS.

    IF you’re a drug dealer, the car should say “DRUGS FOR SALE” on the side, with going rates and a phone number on the fenders.

    Maybe even some samples of said-drugs displayed in the rear window where you’d usually find sun-bleached stuffed animals.

    Be loud and proud of your profession. Don’t hide it with slang.

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    There’s a couple cabs in my town that are black and white Crown Vics. I hate them, they fool me every time

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    I could see how this car could be used by a police officer to justify an information to obtain a search warrant. As a criminal lawyer whose seen dozens of pushers get busted while driving their tricked out Beemers and Mustang GT’s at double the speed limit it has always amazed me how willingly these people make themselves easy targets for police investigations. I’ve always thought the ideal car for a serious drug dealer would be a plain jane beige or silver Toyota Camry sedan.

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      I’ve heard that white Tauruses are so commonly used as mule cars that they are being targeted, and that it is unadvisable to drive a white Taurus through a major corridor.

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        That’s interesting. I always thought that the way to be a good criminal would be learning to adapt, lay low, and not draw attention to oneself. Drive cheap (but not junkyard quality) cars that are common, like Camry’s, Impalas, Accords, in dull colours, like silver or beige. Don’t drive the same car for too long. Don’t go out on the town every Saturday night blowing extravagant sums of money. But alas, few criminals are that smart and thank God for that because it’s not the smart ones that keep me in business.

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        Make sure you leave weed in the console, and roaches in the ashtray. Most busts are when the cop stops you, he gets hit by the reek from the interior even if there’s no active smoke.

        Also, if you are going out, bring the whole stash with you. Better to get busted for it all at once than some silly “personal use” amount when you could have left the rest of the ounce/plus at home.

        If you party, be sure to roll stop signs, yellow lights, and speed. Expired inspection stickers or loud mufflers or any other equipment violations are a good thing to have going too.

        Yes, I’ve defended “a few” of these cases.

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      >>I’ve always thought the ideal car for a serious drug dealer would be a plain jane beige or silver Toyota Camry sedan.<<

      Or, Gus Fring's Volvo wagon, or Walter White's Aztek (replaced by hubris and a 300…hubris is what gets these people in trouble).

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    So this is being driven by a likely criminal that is against snitching? I don’t see how that makes it different than many police cars.

    Also, this video is a bit more on point, in that hustla is said more often:

    What is the website on his bumper?

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    juicy sushi

    More to the point, advertising prior jail time on the C-pillar is a pretty dumb way to confirm to the cops that there is no irony involved…

    EDIT: ON closer inspection, it’s some kind of serial number. Still, I’d be checking this car awfully hard over a parking infraction, just because…

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    I knew there had to be a name for those guys! Just yesterday I saw a “wacker” and wondered what a good term would be. Now I know. Thanks.

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    So far stupid isn’t against the law in most states, but it does tend to lead to apprehension. As for what has been done to this car, I’ll leave it up to the Panther loving brethren to police this.

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