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Toyota  today announced global production  data for September. Worldwide production for Toyota, Daihatsu and Hino was down 5.8 percent in September, which saw Chinese factories  closed and sales boycotted.  January through September, global production is up 37.6 percent to 7,681,891 units.

September Production and Full Year Forecast
9M ’12 9M ’11 YoY Proj ’12
Toyota 7,681,891 5,583,328 37.6% 10,243,000
GM 6,950,000 6,776,000 2.5% 9,267,000
Volkswagen 6,710,000 6,110,000 9.8% 8,947,000
Based on 3Q company data.
Toyota: Production. GM: Sales. VW: Deliveries. Forecast by TTAC

Late Friday, GM spokesman Jim Cain said that his company sold 6.95 million units globally in the 9 months through September, In accordance with OICA methodology, we want the production number, which is used to determine company size. The number will become available with the 3Q report within an few days. We will update our tally when we have the numbers.

In our year-end projection, it looks as if Toyota could still break the 10 million unit barrier. However, with the recent production adjustments, it looks like Toyota will end the year a few units short of 10 millions, but still as the world’s largest carmaker. Speaking of which, OICA, the global umbrella organization of the  auto business still hasn’t updated its 2011 rankings.

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4 Comments on “Toyota Slows Down, But Extends Lead Over GM...”

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    Today China is boycotting Toyota, soon they will be boycotting the USA, it’s a never ending cycle, both over Land issues more or less as China has just shown off there new to China Aircraft Carrier, times never change!

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    I think it is nice that Toyota is making a comeback after all the bad things that happened to them. Toyota has done a lot for America in providing much needed jobs for Americans, building cars for Americans, in America, and plowing much of the profits back in to America.

    Toyota has affected the lives of thousands of Americans by raising their standard of living, and enriching communities with the taxes Toyota has paid.

    GM OTOH………………….

    VW? Well, if you ever owned one of their vehicles in the past, you may want to avoid them like many people avoid GM’s vehicles.

    Reputations are earned the old fashioned way. They worked for them.

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    That is quite the comeback. For a while it looked like Hyundai was going to be the new Toyota.

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