New Volvo Boss Comes Highly Qualified: Under Investigation For Bribery

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
new volvo boss comes highly qualified under investigation for bribery

Further on the news that Stefan Jacoby is out at Volvo and that Hakan Samuelsson is in, the parties decided to forgo the face-saving explanation that the change was due to medical reasons. They confirmed that is was a boardroom brawl which Jacoby lost. In a press conference today, Volvo Vice-Chairman Hans-Olov Olsson said “that Jacoby’s illness had nothing to do with the decision to remove Jacoby,” Reuters says. Olsson also claimed that it wasn’t personal animosity between him and Jacoby. Which leaves only that Jacoby was sacked for underperforming.

The 70 year old Olssson is a Volvo veteran. He was reactivated by Geely Chairman Li Shufu as his representative on the board in Sweden. Li Shufu does not speak English, Olsson is his mouth and ears. Olsson and Jacoby quickly clashed.

“It’s just been a mess,” an ex-Volvo executive told Reuters. “Jacoby has not been able to run Volvo the way he wants to.” Volvo insiders suspect vis-a-vis Reuters that “friction with Olsson may have added to an unhealthy level of stress” for Jacoby, and indirectly blame Olsson for Jacoby’s mild stroke that left an arm and a leg impaired. With Li Shufu’s approval, Olsson ditched Jacoby and put fellow Swede Samuelson in charge.

Hakan Samuelson has been on the Volvo board since 2010, after he left MAN in 2009 in disgrace. MAN was involved in a large bribery scandal. German prosecutors last month said that Samuelsson is being investigated for aiding and abetting bribery. MAN is seeking millions of euros in damages from Samuelsson because of the scandal. Maybe he should move to China.

Volvo finds itself in troubled waters, both in Europe and in China. The EU market is a tough place for any automaker. Volvo’s EU sales are down 12.3 percent for the year and 17.4 percent in August. China suffers from overcapacity and is no longer desperately waiting for new car brands. In the U.S., Volvo’s sales are down slightly, a bad sign in an otherwise strong market.

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  • Th009 Th009 on Oct 19, 2012

    Nothing like kicking your CEO while he's down. I suspect that he'll be getting a nice severance package, though.

  • MrWhopee MrWhopee on Oct 20, 2012

    So the new CEO's well acquainted with bribery eh? Then he's well equipped as far as improving sales in China go...

  • Slavuta Must be all planned. Increase price of cars, urbanize, 15 minutes cities. Bee poor, eat bugs
  • Sid SB Not seen a Core without the performance pack yet. Prefer the more understated look of the Core vs the Circuit, but both are great fun to drive.
  • El scotto Tesla has one team making EV's because that is all Tesla does. Farley -rolls eyes- decided to split Ford into two huge warring factions: ICE vs EV. Hey Jimbo, it says "FORD" on the buildings.Lord only knows what GM did internally because it's GM. I'm betting it's like Ford pitting ICE vs EVs. With GM being GM every existing division will be divided.Stellantis will keep building Challengers and Rams. Someday they may figure out that Jeep is the fugu fish of the automotive sushi world and unload to some Chinese. EV's? no, not really.If this site was The Truth About HVAC (TTAH) some on here would tell us that central heating and air causes unknown illnesses, will be bad, and cause a degradation of our nation's moral fiber. By golly they shoveled coal and carry ash buckets and that shouldn't change.
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  • Sobhuza Trooper With "Lunch-Bucket" Joe and his faithful Number One Son Hunter on the side of the UAW, how can they lose? Both know what 'sweat-of-the-brow' work is all about, having come from nothing and demonstrating a firm understanding of the plight of the common working man against the evils of their capitalistic bosses. Workers of the World Unite! All power to the Soviets!😀