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Great news everyone! The Dacia Sandero will apparently cost £5,995, or about $9,600 in its cheapest trim level, when it goes on sale in the UK tomorrow.

Full pricing and specs will be released Wednesday, but with the Duster SUV retailing for £8,995 (just under $15,000), the smaller, less prestigious Sandero could conceivably occupy the rock-bottom price point. The Telegraph, claims that the cheap sticker is accompanied by improved interior materials and lots of borrowed switch gear. It would be easy to make jokes about how French quality is an improvement from Romanian quality, but our own Marcello de Vasconcellos drives a Brazilian-spec Logan (the sedan version) and assures us that it’s muito bem inside and out.

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13 Comments on “Great News Everyone! Dacia Sandero To Cost £5,995...”

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    This makes me sad. I’m contemplating this car at ~ $20K USD….

    I wonder if there are any differences from the version in Brazil.

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      On Renault’s Brazilian site, the 1.6 16v automatic Sandero can be yours for slightly over USD 20K.

      These are good, simple cars. People I know from Fiat have studied the car and say it’s an ‘honest’ car. You get what you see. In other words, it’s simple, rugged, roomy. In Brazil, sadly, that pricing is very competitive. An engineer said to me that this an engineer’s car and not a designer. Little flourish, some substance. It amounts to a house built by an engineer and not an architect.

      FWIW, I think this and the Logan are the most rational choices out there. No ABS or electronic brakes available here though. Nice ride, predictable handling, good fuel economy. Low insurance. Good internal space and trunk capacity. Maintenance isn’t bad. Resale for Sandero is easy, Logan, not so much.

      BTW, you guys in NA are familiar with the engine at least. It’s basically the same one as the one found in Versa.

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    I expect this will do surprisingly well in the UK. It is over GBP3500 cheaper than the equivalent VW Polo, Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa. It also has a 5 year warranty which is better than the vast majority of manufacturers in the UK (Kia/Hyundai are the major exception to that with a 7 year warranty). No wonder James May was excited!

    Just looking at and they give the Duster 3 stars out of 5 which is pretty good, especially when the Duster is half the price of a comparable CUV in the UK. No wonder VW is contemplating a cheap brand.

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      Not to mention that it’s much roomier and a bit larger than the aforementioned Polos, Fiestas, Corsas, Clios, 208 and Puntos. Simpler but durable finishing and a ride that is better than the Corsa and Polo, though it can’t compare to the new Fiesta or Punto.

      But less money for more space and not that much of a penalty in refinement. Yes, it could be a winner in the UK if people can get over the badge.

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        I think people in the UK will get over the badge as Skoda, Kia and Hyundai have all undergone a renaissance in the UK. Also the Dacia site makes it clear that Renault-Nissan are behind this, so that provides reassurance.

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    Seems to be right car for people living in shrinking economies with shrinking incomes.

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    Somewhere, Captain Slow is smiling to himself right now.

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    It may well be that this segment will continue to grow in Europe. In the bigger cities, congestion, decent public transportation and outrageous gas prices make a car a hardly used accessory that some people start five times a month or less.

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    UK cars are normally hugely overpriced compared to the continent.

    Is this for tax reasons, or are the car companies just gouging the Brits?

    If it is the latter it looks like that is starting to end with Dacia.

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      Mr Nosy

      Well if they’d drive on the same side of the road as everyone else,they could save quite a few lbs by not having to pay for a RHD dashboard.BTW,is that dude ever gonna dump that 70’s Zeppelin stadium era John Paul Jones haircut? JPJ isn’t even wearing it anymore.

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    Hi Derek!

    Slight correction. The Logan is ‘muito bom’. ‘Muito bem’ means very well. Muito bom is very good. :)!

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