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British magazine AutoExpress managed to get its hands on leaked pictures of the 2014 Mazda3.

According to the magazine

“Print-outs of these pictures were delivered to the Auto Express office in an unmarked envelope, and we’ve scanned them so you can take a look.

Mazda UK’s official line is that these are digital renderings, drawn up to show how the Kodo design language translates to new models, rather than a real car. Even so, they’ve been sketched by Mazda’s designers and give us a clear idea of how the next 3 will shape up.”

We couldn’t be happier to see the current Nagare styling language done away with. The gaping open mouth and flame surfacing on certain models was nothing short of an eyesore.

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33 Comments on “British Mag Gets 2014 Mazda3 Photos...”

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    I love the new grille, it’s a huge improvement over the previous “…but then I LOL’d” theme.

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    Looks great from the front, the back of the hatch looks a little too close to a Murano though. Either way, an improvement over the last one. I still prefer the simple lines of the Protege 5.

    Get ready to see these all over Canada….

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      Agree on the Protege5, but then again, it’s just a classic, good-looking car that few match.

      I hate the sloping belt-lines, and the rear-most windows are too pinched (from above, below, and the rear). The hatch seems too sloped & stylized to be a real design. The grille looks out of proportion for the size of the front-end. It’s too tall, dips too low. Simply copying-and-pasting the CX-5 look onto the 3 would have been better. The back-end doesn’t appeal to me.

      Car and Driver’s rendering that stuck the 6’s front end on an existing 3 is much, much better.

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    I think I really like this one. To be clear, I also really like the original, and think even today it looks like a more complete design than the current model. But this… it’s sleek, it’s mature, but it’s still feisty. Sort of an Audi looking rear 1/3, maybe? Now, about the hot version…

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      Agreed on both counts. I saw a 2008-2009 3 Sport GT yesterday and thought to myself “they could introduce that now (if they hadn’t already done so) and it would look new, fresh and modern”

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    so does it look like they fixed the engine area to allow for the same engine specs of the 2.0 in the CX5?
    I think they had to back off on the skyactiv specs for the 3, such as lower compression.
    The hopeful diesel also required some change as well.
    Can anybody see a difference here?

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      Comparing this image to the existing 3, assuming the same OAL, both sets of wheels are moved forward, and the hood seems a couple inches longer which should accommodate the proper engine.

      Also, the hood is taller, and the roof is a bit taller. The cargo area seems expanded to be closer to the position of the bumper, but the location of the spoiler is moved forward making the back window especially slopey.

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    Just can’t bring myself up to ever say anything positive about Mazda after my Protege5 debacle.

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    The back of the hatch looks like the CX-5, which is a good thing.

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    Love it.

    I really like how they translated the styling of the tail lights and rear end of the CX5 into this. It looks great

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    Spanish Inquisition


    That’s how you do it, Mazda. Although I’m not a fan of the swoopy rear hatch.

    I swear to the gods I’ll take everything nice I’ve said about Mazda if the next Mazdaspeed 3 has a hood scoop though.

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    It looks good- but the rear windows are so small the rear passengers will feel like they are peering out through port holes. Especially if they are little kids.

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    This is going to make the Civic, Corolla and Jetta, in particular, look like crap on wheels, and will probably out-maneuver all of them too…

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    The front end looks great, but I find the proportions on these kodo-design cars to be strange. Just like the new 6, the front proportion makes it look RWD, even though I know it’s not. Also, I’m not a fan of the side profile compared to the current 3, the hatch is raked too much. I feel like it wouldn’t offer much extra storage/utility over a traditional trunk.

    I’d rather see the current 3 with the new front fascia personally.

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    Am I the only one who sees a lowered CX-5 with a Honda CR-Z front end?

    Overall, still not as good as the original (although I might be biased as a former owner of an 07 5-door)

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    Looks like a character from Angry Birds.

    Agree with posters above regarding too much rake in the roof and gun-slit windows. Hey, enough already, it’s a car, not a Brink’s truck !

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    Excellent revision. Mazda still knows how to style a car.

    Two thumbs up

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    New, fresh, dynamic, and unmistakably Mazda. I like it. I was expecting a more conservative effort considering how much the 3 means to the bottom line – but they put a lot of “Kodo” into the 3, just as they did the CX-5 and 6.

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    Hell yeah…that’s sexy. I wonder if Alfa should be turning to Mazda for more than a dealer network and manufacturing. This is a stunning car – and it’s a 5-door hatch of all things. The sedan ain’t bad either.

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    No way this is the final design–that thin piece of leading edge trim outlining the guppy mouth grill is unlikely to survive street parking for more than a day or two. Like a lot of cars these days the rear looks pleasing enough but makes changing lanes and reversing more difficult than it should be in small car.

    No doubt they will throw in parking assist and surround camera angles to help, at least on high end models but all that is unnecessary complexity in a well designed small car.

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      It looks like that blade trim sticks out further than anything else.
      Aside from probably not being an effective bumper to soak up minor incidents without visible effects, how in the heck could that pass any kind of pedestrian impact standards?

      Get run into by a face like that and you’ll look like a cartoon character with a Kodo-shaped hole.

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    Speed Spaniel

    This looks a lot less cartoonish and more mature than the present 3. Thumbs up.

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    As a fan of the current styling, I hope that lots of people hold off on purchasing until after the redesign comes out, bringing prices down.

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    It looks nicer than the current design, hope I can hold out until summer of next year. Awful lot of overhang out front, but that big 4-2-1 exhaust header needs a lot of room, must be why all the Kodo Mazdas appear to have such long hoods.

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    Looks like an Alfa… maybe this Alfa-Mazda partnership is going deeper than we thought

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      You and I are on the same wavelength.

      I can easily see the Mito/Mazda2, the Giulietta/Mazda3, and the 159/Mazda6 coming out of this partnership, on top of the AR-roadster/Miata which we know is in the works. Exciting times for both marques!

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    Slight styling improvement over the the current model, but still kinda dumb-looking.

    Kodo or Dodo?

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    Should TTAC be called “automotive website”?

    “Mazda UK’s official line is that these are digital renderings, drawn up to show how the Kodo design language translates to new models, rather than a real car.”

    I thought they were photos?

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    I like the current 3 design more than this one and the previous 3 design. I think I even like the previous 3 design more than the current one, despite owning a 2012. Especially the discontinued bronze/copper flavor.

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    The hatch needs more booty to balance the enormous schnoz.

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    Not sure I like this iteration, the back almost looks like a bustle back hatch with its design, and the rear windows looks too small to be of use, and slope too far forward, making the rear cargo area not nearly as practical as the current 3.

    The front is OK, though I’m not liking that leading edge trim around the lower portion of the grill, and they are reverting back to the similar shaped grill used on the older Mazdas, such as my P5, and the early Mazda 3, though considerably larger than what I have currently.

    The 3 has always had nice lines since it was introduced in 2004, though with a much more modern stance, and less reserved, but classic styling of the P5, which I also like a lot.

    That said, I’ve not been much of a fan of the current car’s split head unit where the body of the unit is lower in the dash, the LCD screens in separate pod along the top edge, I’d rather they kept it to one, single unit like in most cars thankyouverymuch, and it’s sat nav unit sucked, according to reviews I’ve seen on it.

    Otherwise, the current car looks great.

    However, these are leaked photos, wanna bet it is changed before it actually goes on sale?

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