By on October 31, 2012

A smuggling attempt turned into a borderline disaster when two  Mexicans entrapped themselves and their Jeep Cherokee on top of the 14 foot high fence that separates Arizona from Mexico.

The S.O.B. smugglers wanted to get N.O.B. using a ramp. They should have tested the setup first. The Cherokee high-centered with the rear in Mexico and the front end hovering over the U.S.A., CBS5 Arizona reports.

Realizing the futility of their mission, the smugglers fled. The Border Patrol seized Jeep and ramp.

Getting snagged by much lesser bumps in the road is quite common. Even the Commander-in-Chief is not immune.

Note to the smugglers: The U.S. and Mexico are part of NAFTA, and Jeep Cherokees can be brought back stateside without incurring customs duty. Or perhaps it wasn’t a Jeep they were smuggling?

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8 Comments on “Borderline Insanity: Jeep Cherokee Caught Sitting On The Fence To Mexico...”

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    I guess the stupidity explains why they turned to smuggling in the first place… Phase 1; go up ramp. Phase 3; go down other ramp. What do you mean, middle part?

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    Athos Nobile

    Someone will try that again (if they haven’t already) and will succeed (if they haven’t already).

    The youtube video link needs updating/fixing. I wanted to laugh again at the limo-going-out-from-embassy incident.

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    They needed a shorter wheelbase vehicle with a lift so the breakover angle would be more advantageous. Either that or a winch – with a winch you can do just about anything if you don’t mind a little underbody bruising.

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    It seems like they got out through the back door and went back to where they came from. Would a ride with a shorter wheelbase (like a Wrangler) have made it?

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    Chrysler promised to increase exports, at least they’re trying.
    My old CJ 5 could have made it. But it lacked the cargo space the driver was probably looking for.

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    Angus McClure

    This comes under the heading: Go ahead and die now, you’ve seen everything.

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    Does that Cherokee have an aftermarket hood? Or is that just what they look like in Mex?

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    The video, from alternate angles clearly shows the limo only high centered because it suffered a sudden depressurization of it’s air suspension. Cause unknown. The SS has perpetuated the “it high centered” idea to cover-up the fact that the air suspension is a weak spot. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter because this is only the “diplomatic” limo, not The presidential limo.

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