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Reuters has a great story about a car company you probably never heard about. It is in Malaysia and makes cars that look like out of an antique car catalog. The company can’t keep up with the demand.

The car company is called Bufori. If you want one, you need to get in line and wait two years until  hand-made car is ready. The cars cost between $150,000-$350,000 new, individual touches can drive the price higher.

Bufori founder Gerry Khouri started the company in his native Australia in 1987. He moved to Malaysia in the early 90s when Asian demand began to jump. China and the Middle East are Bufori’s biggest markets right now.

The Geneva is s powered by a 6.4-litre V8 engine with up to 470 horsepower. Optional coffee machine, Mini Bar, safe and humidor.

The La Joya has a 172hp V6, a 3 piece 100% silk Persian carpet set is optional.

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18 Comments on “$350,000 MSRP, Tax, Title, And Humidor Extra...”

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    Pastor Glenn

    !!!! I’m nearly speachless……

    Who was it that said a fool and their money are soon parted?

    On the other hand, “why not” have a neo-classic (?!?) if you have the money to blow.

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      you know, compared to some of the crap styling the mainstream manufacturers are sh*tting out these days – Yes, Bentley, I am looking you – these don’t look all _that_ bad.

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    All those old Beetle-to-MG TD kits from the 70’s had to end up somewhere, and now we know where.

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    Oh Gimme!

    Would it actually be possible to import one of these and register it as a kit car?

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    Can you say Excaliber? Knew you could. I wonder what’s underneath? Proton?

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      I’m pretty sure the La Joya’s 172 hp V6 is a Hyundai motor. (Googles…) Nope… apparently a Chrysler 2.7… which is basically the same thing… :D

      Midship V6, rear-wheel drive… should be fantastic, but apparently weighs as much as an Accord and has a PT Cruiser interior… so maybe not.

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    lol this reminds me of this Zimmer I saw today. Truly breathtaking. It even had a faux snakeskin vinyl top (!). Classy. Actually the sedan is not half bad but the headlights throw things off.

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    Love the ’86-’88 Red Bufori with the chrome wagon wheels better seen on old S-10 and Toyota pickups.

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    Maybe they can buy out Zimmer.

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    Today is not April 1st. Please adjust your calendar accordingly.

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    I first saw these at the Dubai Auto show seven years ago. Oddly, I thought at the time, there were quite a few apparently oil-rich locals making inquiries at the display. When I was told they custom build cars to order, it made sense.

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    For some reason I though Bufori’s head office and design center were still in Australia, but is the whole operation in Malaysia now?

    I usually can’t stand neoclassics, but can sort of make an exception when there’s genuine crafsmanship and quality materials involved instead of just slapping a fiberglass body kit on Mustang and calling it a day. If you have to have a car like this, Buforis are hardly the worst offenders. Clenets and the older Excaliburs were pretty decent too, the rest I can give or take.

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    what an odd turn of events

    every australian motor enthusiast over a certain age would know of them

    they used to be headquartered in Sydney’s relatively working class West making a kit car of sorts that was underpinned by a Nissan light truck chassis and a simple Nissan SOHC 2.0 litre four cyl. from a Pintara or something equally uninteresting

    of course no-one cared for it since Australia is generally parochial and not eccentric enough for this car

    also Australia has crippling manufacturer/road compliance laws

    there are hardly any niche car makers, kit or otherwise, left in australia

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    A bit of embarrassing fakery going on there …

    And the MSRP is about 1000% too high …

    But that La Joya looks like a lot of fun, no?

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    My hat is off to Bufori. Brilliant idea and, if the quality is there, a wise buy if you can afford it.

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    So I can buy a tarted up mb gazelle kit car for 350k? Wonder how much Barry White’s restored stutz with the mink fur covering everything would be worth to them?

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    Judging by the grilles, that’s what Packard could have become if it hadn’t merged with Studebaker…

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