By on September 17, 2012

With the CAW’s strike deadline set for 11:59 P.M tonight, the union will apparently focus on Ford as the target for a collective agreement, while also remaining in talks with Chrysler and General Motors.

A failure to get a deal would result in a strike at the Canadian plants of all three auto makers, an unprecedented move by the CAW. Normally, only one auto maker is targeted.

The Globe and Mail newspaper reported that

“Sources said Ford had been the most flexible company all along – including on the key question of a time limit on lower starting wages for new employees – even as it insisted that its hourly labour costs in Canada match those at its U.S. operations. Ford “have clearly told us they want a deal in Canada that recognizes that Canada is a good place to invest,” CAW president Ken Lewenza said Sunday. “I’ve told General Motors and Chrysler that they better show a desire to get a collective agreement before the deadline because our strategy is to withdraw our labour where we don’t have a deal.”

Meanwhile, Chrysler criticized Ford’s Canadian cutbacks (which led to the demise of the St. Thomas, Ontario plant, and the beloved Crown Victoria). A statement by Chrysler noted that “While we respect Ford as a competitor, we do not think they are in the best position to take on this role given the significant reduction in their Canada footprint in recent years.”

While Chrysler and GM are insisting on a permanent two-tier wage system similar to the UAW, Ford is apparently more felixble with this demand, something that CAW President Ken Lewenza said is unacceptable to the union.

For the CAW, a deal with Ford could mean a third shift at the Oakville assembly plant, as well as significant investment for a new global vehicle. There are currently 1,200 laid off workers from the St. Thomas plant that are looking for jobs, and delivering both the agreement and new jobs for its members might be just the kind of victory that Lewenza needs to make the bitter pill of concessions go down easier.

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7 Comments on “With A Strike Less Than 24 Hours Away, CAW Focuses On Ford...”

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    What a bunch of whiny babies. “We’ll strike, you’ll see, we will get our way!!!”

    Eight year olds, much?

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    Or, Ford and the CAW may make reach a tentative deal, before midnight. Thats puts Lewenza in a position to extend the deadline for GM and Chrysler.

    Tensions will be high in the plants tonight. So if Lewenza decides to extend the contract,expect an anouncement late afternoon.

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    Would not want to buy any car made in Canada for the past three months or the future six months. Perhaps some enterprising could could keep a running log of the VIN numbers so that in the future we poor consumers could check..

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    Hey, lookit that! Ford puts decent sized batteries in the Flex.
    In the recent article on the new Accord I pointed out how tiny and hopeless the battery was. One less thing to worry about in a Flex.
    It doesn’t have to all be bad news.

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    Or Ford makes deal with CAW unacceptable to GM and Chryco, (marchionni will stick to his guns and pull out, akerson, already lost and not wanting to look more so, follows marchionni’s lead)magically Ford’s marketshare in Canada triples or so.

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    Just an observation, those are Journeys being built which is built in Toluca Mexico. Just an observation.

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