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Remember the 92-95 Honda Civic hatchback? I know Murilee does. How about an Elantra GT 3-door?

There’s no word on if we’ll get this car Stateside, but Europeans will be able to buy it, in the form of the Hyundai i30. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a 3-door hatchback in this segment, but unfortunately there’s not many takers for this kind of product anymore, what with hatchbacks being equated with poverty and all that fun stuff.

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33 Comments on “The Hyundai Elantra GT, Now With 50 Percent Fewer Doors...”

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    Another good looking car from Hyundai. I’m fairly sure you don’t get this in the States, but Kia’s version, if anything, looks even better:

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    the duke

    While it may be priced at slight premium to the Hyundai, I’d count the 3-door Golf (non-GTI) as a 3-door hatchback available stateside in this segment. But other than that, there is nothing else.

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      If Honda puts a real motor into the CRZ, we’ll have another contender. Sadly, they haven’t…yet.

      *please please please, Mr. & Mrs. Honda, put the Civic Si motor in there… please please please!

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    Nicholas Weaver

    How does the Veloster not count as being in this segment? It looks to be about the same size, same price…

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    I was about to say Volvo C30 but I guess that is a couple price-tiers higher.

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    “It’s been a long time since we’ve had a 3-door hatchback in this segment, but unfortunately there’s not many takers for this kind of product anymore, what with hatchbacks being equated with poverty and all that fun stuff.”

    Many of the current hatchbacks are selling at a premium to the sedan version, and there are high end hatches like the Panamera and 5 Series GT. It is more just a lack of cars without 4 side doors.

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      Exactly. Hatches are fine. Coupes are pointless for anything but true sports cars.

      This one looks good, and the Kia even better. But it needs four doors to be practical.

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        SOF in training

        … four doors to be practical…

        I’ve always liked smallish cars, and good gas mileage. I’m 6foot 5inches, and am tired of staring at the B pillar when I turn my head. My next car will be a coupe, and one with a hatch would be best.

        Unfortunately, so far Hyundai cars look more fun than they actually are.

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        I actually really like 3 door hatches, I was just making an observation about the market.

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      Excepting of course the ’08-’09 Saturn Astra XR 3-door, which was a great car, but not marketing well, er, at all.

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    “It’s been a long time since we’ve had a 3-door hatchback in this segment”

    You can still get a 3-door Golf by going down to the VW dealer

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    And der is no click when youz adjust de steer wheel. Lookenzee. No click.

    Not acceptable! We at VW cannot do zis!!! What is wrong?!? Fit and finish is better than German engineering. Dis cannot be!

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    Three-door cars with two rows of seats are evil and must be burned with fire.

    I remember the Civic three-door hatch, and I also remember wishing that Honda remembered the fourth a fifth door.

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      No way. Coupe backseats are great for groceries and dogs. The early ’90s Civic hatch was awesome, I knew someone that owned one and told them it was a shooting brake.

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      Meh, I have someone in the back seat of my car MAYBE once in six months. My BMW wagon as a 3-door shooting break would be perfect! And afterall, *I* don’t have to get in the back, anyone who does not like the accomodations can arrange thier own transportation.

      2 doors are great for those of us who are rather large for a 4-door compact car door openning.

      The 2-door Elantra looks OK, but it also looks like you would not be able to see out the back of it with those tiny triangular windows and rising belt line. More modern styling BS.

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      Funny you of all people say that. If one doesn’t want crossovers or MPVs and is over two meters tall and still has up to one child, three door cars are much better proposition than 5 doors as the driver’s seat typically can be moved further back and the longer doors makes entering easier (except in a tight parking spots where they make entering more difficult but that is beside the point. The rear seat still functions fine for the passenger behind the front passenger seat.
      Putting the child into the seat is fine too after a few yoga lessons.

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      Some years ago, I remember reading about a serial auto arsonist in Italy who claimed he was doing it to rid the streets of the ugly cars of the proletariat.

      I actually saw a white Elantra hatch yesterday, although I didn’t notice if it was 5 doors or not, and I have to say I like its styling enough to consider it free from any such nut-job’s consideration.

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    EG6 4 life!

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    That car is drop-dead gorgeous! Hyundai, bring it to Canada will ya? I’ll have mine in white please.

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      Hell YEA it is!

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        Elantra Coupe is for sale on both US and Canadian websites. It’s not as striking in appearance as the I30 from Europe, though.

        Unfortunately, in Canada you can’t get the 6 speed manual with the SE upgrade version. Why do car companies penalize manual buyers this way?

        If Hyundai offers the turbo version of the coupe, there will be one in our (new) garage by the spring. It’s more appealing to me than the Veloster (I haven’t driven the turbo version yet, though).

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    Hmm… 5 doors becomes 3 doors. How is that “50 percent fewer doors”?

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      Some people (myself included) might not consider the hatch as a “door”. However the author of the post DOES call this car a 3 door, so the title and the content isn’t quite jiving there.

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    HOLY SMOKES….that car is sexy time!

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    I’m sorry guys; this was in the official press release.

    Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai Motor Europe, said: “The New Generation i30 three-door has been conceived solely for Europe (…)”

    No word on AWD Elantra diesel wagons with manuals either.

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    Blobular transportation appliance, now available in smaller package.

    Young men with Tapout shirts and Nike visors may buy one of these, lower it, put a Folgers can on the exhaust, and cover it with a smattering of stickers meant to increase speed and cornering. Wait, no, they’re still doing that to circa 90s Hondas.

    Everyone else knows that a small hatch needs five doors.

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