Saab Owners Choosing Honda

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
saab owners choosing honda

Owners of Saab cars who replace their vehicles are choosing Hondas over other OEMs , according to a study of “defections” by automotive consultancy Polk.

Honda has captured 7.2 percent of total defections over the 2010-2011 period. Also popular with former Saab owners are Volkswagen and Audi products. VW is just slightly behind Honda, at 7 percent. Though is all GM brands were added and counted merely as “General Motors”, that figure would total 15.2 percent.

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  • Tifighter Tifighter on Sep 04, 2012

    Maybe they're all buying Crosstours...

  • Bill h. Bill h. on Sep 04, 2012

    As others have mentioned, some of us haven't gone to other brands as yet...e.g. our current three (2002 9-3 hatch, 2004 9-5 wagon, 2010 9-3 wagon) are doing fine, and as long as parts aren't an issue we don't plan on trading to another car line soon. If you put a gun to this head, as far as other possible substitute makes, I used to drive VWs and that's always a possibility, colored by still-fond memories of my GTI. Our preference would probably be to stay with FWD (nothing against BMWs though, the 535i Gran Turismo hatchback would not get kicked out of our driveway), with a wagon or hatch option being a must, and availabiity of three pedals, if we don't go hybrid. But generally, we'd prefer simple honest performance to a bunch of expensive features, and decent levels of safety that work in the real world (not point solutions to pre-canned crash tests).

  • Seth1065 Seth1065 on Sep 04, 2012

    PCH101, I do not blame GM for killing Saab without GM Saab would have died 20 years ago, , hell they killed plenty of other divisions that sold alot more cars, but many Saab fans feel GM screwed Saab by bleding it dry and not selling to the chinise when they wanted to buy it, sorry I love Saabs but they were over priced new and a great deal used, true bad for the company but good for buyers like me, your right I need people to buy or lease new Saabs so I can buy them used, why in the world would I buy a new Saab when their designed cars did not change in over ten years ( 9-5)

  • AJ AJ on Sep 05, 2012

    I can see Volkswagen and Audi for former Saab owners, as it seems to me that they have all been popular with liberals with their dreams of a European socialist utopia for America. Weird to think that the commie down my street may instead have a Honda in her driveway someday? That poor Honda will too be covered with America hating bumper stickers... ;)