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We would also like to point out that importing and/or driving a vehicle with the Martini Racing design film package on public roads could have legal consequences

Now that Porsche has that humdinger of a disclaimer out of the way, they’d like to sell you one of the 918 examples of the 918 Spyder. Preferably one with the Weissach Package. No, not the Weissach Edition. The Weissach Package. As in, you’re going to have to start taking Marlo’s package on your corner so you and all your hoppers can live long enough to buy an example of this fine sporting hybrid.

Images from the 918 brochure were just leaked on Teamspeed. It’s plainly a gorgeous car and the interior is quite nice. I’ll even forgive Porsche for the despicable foppery of desiring to be considered not a street car but a rally car via the inclusion of a top-of-wheel stripe. Trust me. If you need a little stripe to tell you where the top of your steering wheel is, you have no business driving anything faster than a Chevrolet Spark. Otherwise, it is a charming effort. Not all of the Teamspeed commenters are so kind:

3700 complicated (all the hybrid crap) pounds. $700,000 or so dollars. All I see is a wallet raping for cars and coffee bubble wrappers. Leaves me cold and totally uninterested.

A terrible decision for Porsche to have wasted the time and money to develop this albatross.

There is my honest, no BS opinion…

Nor is the poster of that statement some bitter old air-cooled throwback like your humble author; he’d just taken delivery of a new GT3 RS 4.0. When even the suckers won’t suck, there’s trouble afoot.

If anybody from Porsche is still reading TTAC — which I doubt — please take this suggestion: put the 997.2 Turbo engine in the thing, sell it for a quarter-million bucks loaded, and face the Ferrari 458 head-on. The guy with the GT3 4.0 should be aspiring to your premium vehicle, not mocking it.

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21 Comments on “Porsche 918 Brochure Leaks. Some Of The Options Can Put You In Jail, Apparently...”

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    If you search for “martini racing design” and “legal consequences” to try to find out more information, you will just find all the websites knocking-off TTAC content.

    We need more booze packages. A Jägermeister film package might convince me to buy an orange 1-series.

    I am fairly certain that Porsche will find buyers for all 918 of the 918s, with market adjustments on top of the suggested retail price.

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      Also available with the Jaegermeister package:
      • Vinyl flooring with removable drain plugs
      • Radar-based Tree and Bridge Abutment Avoidance System
      • LegalAssist telematics- if you roll down the window and say “officer”, the alarm system emits a piercing sound, so the police can’t hear whatever insight you wish to offer on his competence, his heritage, or his choice in a mate

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      Robert Gordon

      “….you will just find all the websites knocking-off TTAC content.”

      Makes a change I suppose. By the way, how is that final part of the BMW M-Series article coming along?

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    Does it really weigh 3,700 lbs? That’s awful. The front three-quarters view is great, the rest of it less so. I’m not surprised that the guy with the 4.0 hates it. Often times people that think they’re masters of the universe become hostile when something from one of ‘their’ brands comes along that prices them out of the customer pool. It might not be the case for this guy, but I’d bet it is if his Porsche has an automatic transmission.

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    “It’s plainly a gorgeous car and the interior is quite nice. I’ll even forgive Porsche for the despicable foppery of desiring to be considered not a street car but a rally car via the inclusion of a top-of-wheel stripe”

    How bout the instrument cluster stolen directly from the Nissan 350Z? I’ve heard of imitation being the height of flattery, but this is a bit much.

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      Wait, Europes copying Japanese styling?

      The world really is rotating backwards! Actually that steering wheel can be found in just about every car on the market these days, everything from an Audi to a Daewood.

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    el scotto

    Jack, NASCAR drivers have tape on their steering wheels for the same purpose. I’ll send Tony Stewart over to goose you instead of Delana :P I kid, I respect that you’re racing on a Sunday and not watching racing like the most of us.

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      Jack Baruth

      I’ve been told that the reason for the tape on the NASCAR wheel is so the wheel can be quickly centered with the aid of a plumb bob. Anyone who finds themselves quick-aligning a partially wrecked 918 on a club weekend won’t just have my apologies; they can have my help :)

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    It’s nice to see VWAG synergies already working: this steering whell came right from an Audi A1.

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    I never met a Porsche I liked…but, HOLY SMOKES!!!

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    Yeah, but, but, but….

    Where is that gorgeous 7-speed manual transmission from the 991 version of the 911? Mmmm?

    Offer that, and I might forgive the electric motors… (^_^)..


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    I suspect that even at $700,000 the 918 will be a money loser for Porsche. I also think that putting a conventional gas engine in it would be against their principles… why not put a boxster engine in a 997 gt3 so poor people can get a break?

    Its not something they would ever contemplate even though a sub 3,300lb “Carrera GT lite” makes a lot of sense.

    I want to hate the 918 but it at least looks the part (unlike the McLarens) and you are seeing the powertrain for the 2025 Porsche 911 right here… and at $700k, sure its a ‘soak the rich’ car but that’s their minor problem…

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    The Martini livery is illegal in France, and only in France. The reason? Because it advertises alcohol.

    That’s pretty much all there is to it.

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    Considering the amount of automotive excellence you can get for less than half the price of this, I’m inclined to agree it’s overpriced for what it is.

    But what I think doesn’t matter. If Porsche believes there are enough takers out there – willing to put their freedom on the line in the name of racing livery, no less – then there’s reason to believe they’ll actually RAISE the sticker price to whatever those people will pay.

    Heck, people spend the median household income on a dinner to listen to Mitt Romney lament not being Latino, for crying out loud! People _will_ pay anything for this…just not a lot of them.

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    Just look at all the people paying with their lives for Obama’s treachery or incompetence. High prices are the norm now.

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    I think Porsche is headed to an evolutionary dead end. They are so focused on the top 1% of car buyers, they are at risk if the economy takes a nose dive again. They needed the 550, not the 918.

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      Sadly I think you are absolutely right.

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        Darkhorse, ceeceeurti, and noxioux…

        I must beg to differ.

        1) The 911 may be playing itself out, not Porsche as a whole, and certainly not Boxster/Cayman;

        2) Porsche realized long ago how fragile its position was. That is why we have the Cayenne and Panamera, which, together, sold about 75% of all Porsches in the US in 2011;

        3) All companies benefit from a “halo” car to invigorate their images. Lexus has LFA; even stodgy Toyota will benefit in public perception by the presence of the meager FR-S. And Nissan has gained greatly from the GT-R, much less its financial backing of the Deltawing at LeMans. Certainly my regard for McLaren went through the roof because of the MP4-12C. So, the 918 may be exactly the super-car that Porsche needs to get “street cred” in the upper “Ferrari echelons”; and that, with Cayenne and Panamera sales, will allow them to make the entry-level car for you and me, at about $40-50K;

        4) Porsche is now a part of the VWAG, and its presence there is having a huge effect on platforms and chassis designs. Instead of being swallowed up (as some had feared), it is behaving like a shark in the swimming pool. And now VW is able to be much more aggressive on all fronts, and may achieve world dominance even by 2016 (!), not 2018.
        ref: “Automobile” Magazine, July 2012, pages 14-16.

        So, is Porsche as a brand down and out? I hardly think so. It just got a breath of fresh air!


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    The 918 is the most pointless, contradictory exercise in sanctimonious douchebag auto-greenwashing EVER.

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