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Today, the Subaru XV crossover was finally and officially debuted in Tokyo, where the much-discussed trucklet will go on sale on October 5. After the car was shown at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in orange, appeared in Consumer Reports, in orange, and even appeared at lesser venues, in orange, it finally arrived in Tokyo. In orange, of course.

The unveiling took place in Tokyo’s fashionable Harajuku district, a place where one usually would go on weekends, wearing a Lolita outfit, or to look for people wearing one. Today, we looked at the new Subaru XV, which proudly took the stage, wearing orange, of course.

In comparison to the austere launch party for the Toyota eQ yesterday, this was a gala event, complete with dancing girls. Unveiling the XV was a bit like taking the wraps off the Venus of Milo: we’ve seen here in the buff before.

“What it really is is a Subaru Impreza hatchback up on stilts,” Consumer Reports says about the Subaru XV. As a target group for this vehicle,  “urban adventurists” have been identified. I guess these are people who wake up in their brick loft on W 4th, and then decide they would drive to the end of the universe, say, 116th Street, “let’s get a wiggle on, we want to be back after dark. Oh, did I say something bad?”

It is assumed that after all the hoopla about that orange crossover, sufficient knowledge of its specs does exist. The JDM specs won’t do you any good anyway if you are not in Japan. Japan gets three trims, all with the 2 Liter boxer engines, all with AWD and CVT, costing in Japan between ¥2,184,500 and ¥2,467,500 ($28,000 and $32,000) before tax. The pricey one has the fabled EyeSight. They come in 9 colors, including orange.

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19 Comments on “New Subaru XV Seen In Tokyo In The Flesh (And It’s Orange)...”

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    Why is there a gala event for a car that is sold in Europe (and built in Japan) for at least 3 months? Did Subaru launch it overseas before doing it in Japan? That would be highly unusual?

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    reception outside of Japan has been muted to say the least

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      It’s fairly successful in Europe, I think. But Subarus are expensive here, due to the high yen and a near-luxury positionning. It’s a relative failure, as Subaru interiors are below those of much cheaper cars by Ford, Renault, and such.

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    The car’s only now shown in Japan? I thought it’s already on sale for a while. Wasn’t it already #1 in Switzerland? There’s one on display at the Indonesian International Auto Show that’s currently running.

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    i saw it on the indonesian international auto show, it wasnt that big, built quality is decent, the price is on the cheaper side of the CUV spectrum… i reckon main rivals would be CRV and CX5.

    However as an indonesian buyer, i think should i buy GASOLINE powered CUV like this i would still pick the CRV no matter how weird it looks.

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    Its been on sale in Australia for a while, press release was March 2012, the press response has been very muted. But thats the fault of the lacklustre 2.0 engine in the donor Impreza.
    Snazzy colours and funky alloy wheel do not make a good car.

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    Nothing says Subaru + Urban Adventure like dancers wearing black shower curtains.

    The 1st thing I thought of was the 1956 “Design For Dreaming” GM promo video.

    BTW, I like the orange.

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    The color is about the only thing that I find desirable about the XV.

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    This is basically the new Impreza Outback, isn’t it?

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    The orange is great. I like it. In Vancouver we live in a sea of silver and champagne colored cars, with black and white making some headway. Everything blends into a blah of Camry-ness. Orange will brighten things up as we get into the dreary season. It will be interesting to see how the marketing of the XV in orange translates into folks demanding orange as thier color of choice.

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    I occasionally see a Prius C in that non-metallic orange color. It’s a little girly for my taste (too peachy). But the real head-scratcher is this – the company that has the solid waste disposal contract paints their pickup trucks that color. Why would you want to look like you work for the garbage company? It’s like driving a yellow car in NYC.

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    I was wondering about this article. Considering it’s been out here for a few months, already, it’s strange that it is just now being launched in its home market.

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    The XV may be a bit under powered (148hp, for about 3100 lbs), but other than that very few negatives.

    About the same ground clearance as the Jeep Wrangler Sport.

    Easy 10-minute DIY oil and filter changes without a lift (top mounted oil filter and front mounted oil drain)

    Class-leading visibility from the driver seat (low hood from the boxer engine, and thin A pillars)

    The only CUV in the US market with available manual transmission.

    Best fuel economy among AWD CUVs.

    Quirky Subaru styling and classic “Desert Khaki” paint color.

    What’s not to like? SAAB never offered anything as unique as this.

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