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The 2014 Mazda6 wagon was shown in the buff today, causing the American contingent of journalists to spontaneously ejaculate in their pleated Wal-Mart trousers. Meanwhile, Europeans yawned with the sort of withering ennui that would have made Derrida blush. Predictions of the Mazda6 Skyactiv-D wagon 6MT selling 400,000 units have been running rampant today, mostly from “Top Auto Writers” who don’t own cars – let alone new cars.

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23 Comments on “Here She Is, America’s Sweetheart: Paris 2012 Live Shots...”

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    Such a beautiful car. When time comes to replace my 2007 Mazda 6, this will most likely be its replacement so long as we actually get the SkyActive-D 6MT.

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    There are not many Mazda 6 owners here…at least not since 2009.
    But I am. And I must say this S brings a smile to my face every time I take it out.

    Here in the mountains, the roads demand a little kick in the butt. They really ask for some push when suddenly finding yourself driving up a curvy hill. And the Mazda6 just has it. It gives you that push in the back and the just wonderful feel in the wheel as you wind through the curves and hills.

    Ya…I get a little disturbed by the tire noise, but ONLY because I hate the sound of tires gone bad. And for some reason the Mics on these have that sound of unevenly worn rubber. And this bothers me on and off.

    Not ever having owned a Fusion or an Accord or any other smaller family car, I do not know if they offer this much daily fun.

    But IF the wagon were to ever come here…it would most definately be my next car.
    All the small CUVs be damned…I would love to get this feeling in a wagon every time I left the driveway.

    What a fun slot car feeling.

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      I’ve owned an Accord (1999 EX-L) and it had nowhere NEAR the capabilites for enjoyment that my 6i Sport does. The Accord (and Camry as my parents had a 2006) are appliances. Simply a-b machines that inspire little and return much.

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        I own a ’99 Accord and used to own an ’05 Mazda 6. Fresh from the factory apples to apples, sure the Mazda was more fun to drive. Then when I replaced the suspension on the Honda I went with a little sportier setup and some wider/lower profile tires. (Did not lower ride height.)

        Overnight the Honda could outcarve the Mazda all for about $2k in parts. This was an expense largely that I needed to spend regardless due to miles/age of the vehicle. Since the overall build quality of the Honda was worlds better I kept it and let the 6 go. Never regretted it a bit.

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    For now, Chrysler is staying right where it is. Picking up and moving production,is not a simple as some of you may think. You got supply chains,contractual commitments, logistics, and whole lot of start up costs. To say nothing of a lot of potential buyers,not getting thier product.

    As we all know,or should know,four years is a long time in the car buisness. Think of where Chrysler was in 2008. A lot of stuff, can and will happen between now and 2016.

    Making prediction’s is never easy.

    That being said, I told the B&B two months ago. “You will not see a labour related work stoppage in Canada”

    The CAW didn’t get everything they wanted. The former big three didn’t thier wish list filled either.

    Not one minute of production got lost.

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    It’s very attractive but it looks like rear visibility is going to be poor, which is one of the reasons we didn’t get a CX-5.

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    The more I see this car, the more the current 6 appeals. It’s unfortunate Mazda has adopted the Angry Car look that’s sweeping the auto world.

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      Studies have shown that more people like angry cars:

      I think the Kodo design language looks fantastic, personally. The internet constantly teaches me that there is no such thing as universal appeal.

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        I’m holding out for beyond angry.

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        This is hands-down better than the current 6 IMO. The Nagare language looks good on the CX-7 & 9, but that’s it.

        Compare this to the original 2003 Mazda6, then we’ve got a different story. I can understand liking that one better than the Kodo version.

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    Roberto Esponja

    So I guess we’ll never, ever see a wagon with an upright tailgate anymore..

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      I hear ya! What a waste of space. It may be more aerodynamic but all the swoop back wagons/suv/hatches have a top fairing on them anyway. My Volvo wagon is perfectly boxy and I’ve been able to fit absurd amounts of cargo in it for that reason. I fear I will never find a car that I can fit a bike or 2 inside of without taking both the front and back wheels off without getting something huge.

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    My wife is opposed to buying any car until her Camry literally succumbs to rust and returns to the earth.
    When I showed her this, she literally said, “Where’s the checkbook?”


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    Rick Astley

    I have been slowly coming around to the idea of just using my Mitsubishi Evolution as a track car and picking up a nice daily driver. If the Mazda6 wagon came over her to ‘murika then it would be at the top of the list.

    Wonder how much life would suck to be in a “normal” car for the dail commute? I’m rather fond of 400+ WHP, AWD and 80 treadwear tires…

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    Off a Cliff

    This with the 2.5-G or 2.2-D(depending on price) along with the CX-5 2.5-G or 2.2_D are at the top of my list when they come out (and prove a little reliability. My 13 y/o car is getting more boring by the day, and is starting to get those little issues that don’t go away. If not those then:

    Used Forester, current Gen
    Used Fusion (or new depending on reliability
    New Santa fe Sport
    New Altima
    Subaru XV

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    In other news- the second coming of Jesus has been postponed to avoid conflict with the eagerly awaited release of teh Mazda 6 diesel stationwagon.

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    I don’t see the point of getting excited about a car that will never see our shores.

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    At first blush I’m not in love with the thing. The grill & front end just don’t appeal to my tastes. The styling while similar to the new Fusion just doesn’t look as clean. More curves and organic flow, which isn’t my cup of tea. Then again, I liked the angular design of the 1990’s.

    Love the idea of a wagon but the raked back screams form over function. I want a wago for utility without having the penalty box of driving an SUV/CUV. Give me a volvo wagon with a 90 degree vertical back window.

    Lastly, my biggest concern with Mazda is past experience of them being just not very well put together. The sheet metal was like rice paper, or at least felt that way. My Accord by comparison felt like a tank, yet gets better MPG’s. What gives Mazda? Make a class leading interior, which all your recent stuff isn’t even at Hyundai standards and Ford easily beats you.

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    I honestly can’t remember the last time I looked at the front end of any Mazda product and didn’t think to myself: “What a stupid looking car! Who the hell designs these things?”

    Nice to know some things never change.

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