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While Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn is “preparing for many mediocre years” of European sales, there may be a silver lining for the company.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Ghosn focused on Southeast Asia as the next hot spot. Along with Indonesia and Vietnam, “Myanmar may be the star of future,” he said. South America and Africa were also mentioned, though specific countries weren’t mentioned.

Europe remains Ghosn’s biggest concern, though Ghosn said that “will not see any kind of Armageddon”. With Dacia sales remaining strong, Ghosn has a hedge against Renault’s flagging fortunes – and sources say that Dacia remains the only profitably “low cost” car – the launch of Datsun will be a test of how well Nissan can hang on to their low-cost magic.

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12 Comments on “Ghosn: Myanmar A “Star”, Europe Not Entirely Lost...”

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    “Myanmar may be the star of future”

    Funny, because this just morning I recommended to the big shots my company explore opportunities there since political conditions were improving…of course political conditions had improved in Libya the years leading up to the 2011 Western backed invasion…

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    el scotto

    Minor quibble here. The US State Department still calls it Burma. Wonking on to other things.

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      Well, I’m quoting Ghosn here but my cousin Bernard who served there with the RAF would surely chew my ear off about calling it Burma, Rangoon etc

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        el scotto

        The tiff occurred because of US displeasure with the military regime; either way the Irawaddy still runs through it. Minor military trivia/hearsay. The USAF was content to call the flying pick-up truck known as the C-130, the C-130. Supposedly the RAF intervened and said all our planes have names, C-130 won’t do. That’s how it got the Hercules got it’s name. Any C-130 pilot and/or aircrew will get a free beer from me for getting me out of Places That Really Suck.

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      Locals in most of Myanmar call it Myanmar and Yangon and spell it that way in Burmese English.

      I still call it Burma and Rangoon only when I speak with Americans.

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    Damn, Mr Bean has a twin!

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    Japanese companies are falling over themselves to set-up shop in Myanmar. Chinese wages are now expensive, in Myanmar wages are cheap, $400/yr, a fraction of China’s, and the cheapest in the world. Moreover there are plenty of workers that are known to be punctual and hard working.

    What the country lacks is proper infrastructure & consistent power supply(big issues). But the new government seems to be willing to work with factories that bring in jobs. Myanmar is China 20 years ago.

    Right now, a lot of companies are moving factories out of China due to high wages, labour strikes, and political uncertainty of the Communist party.

    South East Asia is the new star as Bertel says. Myanmar in particular, its going to be interesting to see how all these geopolitical and economic forces play out.

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    Eric the Red

    Carlos is the spitting image of Smeagal (who morphed into Gollum) a Hobbit from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings movies.

    Makes me seem like a geek but the truth must be spoken.

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    He looks like Mr. Bean after gaining some weight.

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