By on September 27, 2012

Oh, Happy Days! The Messianic Age is upon us. God so loved the world that he sent his only son to do battle with the Porsche Cayman R in an epic shootout organized by an over-the-hill Australian journalist. At least this one has a bunch of crap from TRD on it.

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    Freddy M

    In other news, the iPhone 5 sells out like hotcakes amid the hype and consumer expectations. Apple fanatics rejoice at the second coming as well. Or by now is it, what, the 7th coming? I lost count.

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      It will be interesting to see how much the cult of Apple overpays for the Apple tv when it comes out . It most likely will be vastly overpriced like that 5K joke of a Bose tv , which reports say is picture quality comparable to a $770 Samsung . An even bigger joke when 3D 65″ Panasonic plasmas can be had for around $1400 !

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        Freddy M

        I know at least 2 people already waiting to buy it. And it makes you wonder. Instead of waiting in massive lines for days, why wouldn’t the Apple faithful get Siri to reserve them a spot.

        Oh she doesn’t do that? Really…

        **Disclaimer** I REALLY have no problem with Apple or its products in general. But the Die-hards and Apologists are such a source of amusement. “Relax dude, it’s a joke. Ok my Android is a POS. Happy now?”

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    Volt 230

    Quickly, get the shrink in there, before mass suicides take effect!

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    The angle of that first pic made me think for sure that it was the next Z. Nevermind, moving along…

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    “The moment I started the FR-S/FT86 was a unique & memorable one, for I knew right there and then that this was the day the whole world had changed in an instant, and that the vehicle I was now driving was every bit the equal of, and in many ways better, than a Porsche Cayman (base or S version).

    With each mile of pavement gobbled up by this nimble, athletic, yet affordable stallion, I became more confident, left the Cayman that was struggling in my mighty wake in the dust, and set my sights on tracking down some real competition, like the nearest Zonda or Buggati.”

    Peter “Hyperbole Much” Robinson
    Wheels Magazine

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