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Sergio Marchionne led a day-long product show in Las Vegas for Chrysler and Fiat dealers, highlighting upcoming product over the next couple years.

TTAC readers and car fans will likely be familiar with the reported offerings; Chrysler dealers will get a Dart-based compact known as the 100. The updated Chrysler 200 will apparently resemble the Dart as well, while future Jeeps, including the Compass, Patriot and Liberty-replacement will resemble the Grand Cherokee.

Reuters is reporting that Fiat dealers were shown two undisclosed Alfa Romeo models, while the Wall Street Journal also mentioned the four-door Fiat 500L and a Fiat 500 EV. The paper also reported that two Fiat-based vans would join the Ram lineup, and that the overhauled 200 would cost the company $2 billion, with the expectation that it would double sales of the nameplate.

As to the mystery Alfa Romeo models; crossover and 4C? Those seem like the most likely candidates.

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22 Comments on “Chrysler Dealers Get Product Preview In Sin City...”

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    I thought all the dealers were C-J-D now, so why does Chrysler need a Dart clone to sell alongside the Dart? Sounds like a return to the days of lightly restyled Plymouths created for no apparent reason.

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      I understand the fear but the 100 will be a hatchback and the Dart is a sedan. So they are different. You could easily ask why not just offer a Dart sedan and hatchback (like the Mazda 3 and Ford Focus) but….

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      The Chrysler 100 will be an upscale hatchback to compliment the Dodge Dart sedan. Sergio does not want “badge engineered” versions of the same models, so, for example, The Dodge Grand Caravan will be the only minivan in the future, with the Town & Country morphing into a cross-over.

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        I was under the impression that conventional wisdom holds that Americans for some reason regarded hatchbacks as “cheap”, which was why a conventional 3-box body was always configured for the US market, if only for our market. If that is still the case, maybe Dodge should have gotten the hatch and the Dart should have been sold as a Chrysler.

        So the 100 is going to be smaller than a Dart and presumably bigger than a Fiat 500? I’d had thought that if there were really a demand here for a car that size, VW would have gone after it by bringing the Polo over.

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      I understand that Derek is light on info, no surprise here.
      Chrysler will get two vehicles that slot ABOVE and BELOW the Dart. The 200 will be larger than the Dart and the 100 will be smaller than the Dart.
      No product overlap. Chrysler is very short on models(3) compared to Dodge/Ram and Jeep, and needs to fill out it’s product line-up, especially since they must also satisfy Lancia dealers in Europe, who prefer smaller cars than Americans do. (You’re welcome, Derek)

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      I wouldn’t worry. The Chrysler 100 will share it’s platform with the Dart, but likely not much else.

      Chrysler Group’s plan is to finish Daimler’s botched strategy of separating the Chrysler and Dodge brands, with Dodge returning to its roots in the entry/midprice segment, and Chrysler moving back upscale to the near-luxury field.

      So, the Dodge Dart will be the cheap, entry level compact, while the Chrysler 100 will be the premium compact. Since the Alfa Romeo the Dart is based on was originally a premium car that was decontented for Dodge, the platform should work pretty naturally as a more prestige product for Chrysler.

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    Joe McKinney

    Fiat has previously said the Doblo minivan would be imported for sale by Ram. The Doblo is similar in size to the Ford Transit Connect. The second Fiat van must be the full-size Ducato which competes with the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter.

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    I’m hearing good things about the new 200, supposedly it will be using the upcoming 9 speed auto, so FWD/AWD models can be expected. The rumor of the midsize RWD vehicle is what I’m mostly interested in, if they are in fact making one.

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      If Chrysler could make a midsize RWD model, to sell along side the 200, that’d be interesting. It’d be akin to the ATS and Regal. Similar sizes, different goals. Chrysler could possibly do well selling both mid-range luxury (competing with Buick, Acura, etc) and high-range luxury (competing with Caddy, Merc, etc)

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      Chrysler built some running mules of a RWD prototype under Cerberus, but supposedly, the biggest issue was the weight imbalance caused by cutting down the full-size LH platform to a mid-size wheelbase.

      Maybe with a bit more cash and a decent lead time, they could solve those issues? A broader RWD lineup would help reinforce Chrysler’s premium image and better separate them from beiger competitors – eg. Lincoln.

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    If the 100 was more like the Giulietta with it’s sportier suspension and all, that’d be pretty awesome. I’m kinda weary that Chrysler will succumb to the same sort of problem it faced in the 90’s- remember when they had five LH cars being sold at the same time? Imagine five compact-based models!

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      Yes, and the fact that the current Dart can be ordered in 100 different combinations.

      The thought of variants of the Dart across the whole lineup is confusing to say the least.

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    30-mile fetch

    9 speeds? Will there ever be a moment when that transmission is not shifting and shuffling between gears? Seems like serious overkill to me. I’ve driven modestly powered 4-bangers with 6 speeds, and I can’t see ever wanting more ratios.

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    9 speeds. As Leibnitz said, take the speeds to infinity and you’ve got a CVT! Would seem a less expensive solution.

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    I didn’t realize we had so many product planners and engineers in TTAC readerdom


    The trans will not always sequentially shift between all nine speeds. As for a CVT? They have their limitations. Mostly in the amount of tourque they can handle. If everyone is raving abou the 8-speed, then why would the 9-speed be “too many gears”?

    Wait to see the products yourself before judging them.

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    I think the Chrysler 100 basically a Fiat 500 for men.

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    @Derek, you know what they say about assumptions! FYI, the 200 will be much closer to the 200C concept car of 2008(?) than it will be to the Dart. As well, it is NOT updated,( which implies that there will be some carryover from the current model ), it is a completely new vehicle. The rumour that it looks like the Dart is misinformation, nor will the ‘100’ look at all like the Dart, it is more likely to look like the Nassau concept of several years earlier.

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