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Daimler, or rather one of its Chinese customers, is paying late penance for the ill-fated merger with Chrysler. A Chinese patriot proudly presented this trophy on Weibo, the Chinese version of the (blocked in China) Twitter. He said he took it off a “Japanese Mitsubishi” which he savaged in rage against Japan’s occupation of the Diaoyu islands.

Mitsubishi Motors fell into the hands of Daimler through the merger with Chrysler. After that fell apart. Mitsubishi soon was back on its own.

The Weibo message says: “I am an angry young man. I’m not cool with Japanese cars, I saw a Mitsubishi car, and angrily ripped its logo out…”


Over the weekend, angry mobs ransacked Japanese department stores and restaurants, burned Japanese factories and Japanese cars. In the Chinese city of Qingdao, Ash Sutcliffe, owner/operator of Chinacartimes, was denied entry to a parking lot, on the grounds that “it was reserved for Chinese, German, and Korean cars only.”  Ash’s Nissan Qashqai was not welcome.  Ash showed the guard his “English middle finger,” and he parked unmolested across the street.

He was lucky. Also in Qingdao, angered Chinese did set a Toyota dealership on fire and smashed the windows of 200 cars.

On Monday, matters calmed down after people realized that mainly Chinese interests get hurt. Ironically, it would be the Chinese government that would take the brunt of a boycott of Japanese cars. Most are made in China by joint ventures that have government-owned enterprises as joint venture partner.

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11 Comments on “Chinese Protesters Vent Their Anger On The Wrong Japanese...”

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    It seems the Chinese have a lot in common with Al Qaeda.

    Good show China. Nothing like burning and looting to have companies invest in your country.

    “Ash Sutcliffe, owner/operator of Chinacartimes, was denied entry to a parking lot, on the grounds that “it was reserved for Chinese, German, and Korean cars only”

    They must be reading the UAW newsletters.

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      I always wondered about those UAW parking lots. My former GM/Chrysler engineer co-workers tell me they damage non ‘Murrcan metal in Detroit. Would a UAW built Mitsubishi Galant or Mazda 6 get destroyed while a CAW 300C/Imapala or Mexican Fusion be spared?

      But yea, China’s annual exercise of blame Japan is getting old. Honestly, the world’s annual exercise of blame USA/Japan/Britain is getting old. HIstory sucks, especially if you lost. Deal with it and move on. And that’s coming from an (mostly) Injun.

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      lol the country has a billion people. it doesnt matter what the chinese do, so long as theyre legally open for business, people will deal with it.

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    The Senkaku/Daioyu Islands were handed over from the US to Japan in 1972. Perhaps the CCP will accuse the US and tell their uneducated brainwashed Mao hordes to burn GM dealers and smash Buicks next.

    I would not invest another cent in China until the CCP is voted out of power.

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    schmitt trigger

    Governments and interest groups have always used mass-manipulation as a means to “send a message” to the group’s purported enemy.

    And the easiest form to manipulate the masses is to appeal to patriotism or worse, religion.

    And once that a street brawl initiates, as an individual you are anonymously shielded to vent your frustration, any frustration (i.e. because your wife is cheating on you) on some unsuspecting object who is only remotely connected to the special-interest group’s enemy.

    From Kristallnacht to the latest embassy-storming by muslims, this technique has been widely used through history.
    The Chinese goverment is now using it to send a message to Japan, without actually having to send warships to patrol the disputed islands.

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      Lost on those Chinese who turned on the green light for Kristallnacht-like burning and looting is the difficulty of finding the off switch. Once the mob turns its wrath to the CCP, look for the mass arrests to begin.

      In the end it’s economic blackmail by the Chinese and will probably work to get the Japanese to negotiate.

      I wonder how ugly Japanese public opinion will turn once one their expats get’s killed by an angry mob.

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    Even as someone from Taiwan, I have very little invested in this geopolitical spat…Its been going on for years, since long before I left Taiwan(and that was 15 years ago). I can sorta see both side, and as with anything dealing with territorial claim in Asia, nothing is that clear cut…the island in despute( is pretty close to Taiwan, which is part of where China lay its claim. Realistically Taiwan would claim it as their own, but no one listens to them anyway, so on this issue there seems to be a closely aligned interest(and they do share their anger towards Japan, justifiably rooted in history). Interestingly the group of islands(Ishigaki) south east of Diaoyu Island belongs to Japan, which I find to be surprising considering where they are…

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    The Spratly Islands are even a bigger Cluster-F***

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    I think it’s a joke. The term ‘angry youth’ seen here is a well established term for these strident nationalistic flag-waving morons on the internet. An actual ‘angry youth’ will never start a sentence by saying ‘I am an angry youth’. Just as a teabagger here in the US will not introduce himself by saying ‘I am a teabagger’.

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      George B

      The individuals involved in the various local Tea Party groups, what you call “teabagger”, do not destroy property. The don’t even litter. What they do is work within the US political system, especially at the Republican primary election level. They did something about the hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils general election problem by getting more involved with candidate recruitment process. They hold incumbent politicians in the safest seats responsible for every vote with the very real threat of a primary election challenger.

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    Mob mentality, the mob doesn’t care what it strikes out at. So long as it hits something.

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