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Conventional wisdom would have it that the CAW is looking to ensure the future of Ford’s Oakville plant. The Flex and Edge are built at the facility, and there has been a heated debate over whether the government of Ontario should invest money into the plant to help secure new product. But according to the CAW, the number one priority for them is a few hundred miles down the road.

The CAW’s Gary Beck told the Windsor Star

“Windsor is the No. 1 priority in our discussions right now,” said Beck, president of CAW Local 707. “We want to make sure all those people on layoff get back to work.”

Of the nearly 1,000 laid off Ford workers in Ontario, 600 of those were from the Windsor plant, and the CAW not only wants to get jobs back for them, but they are hoping to secure some new product, to ensure that the plant is safe from closing. Unfortunately, a revival of the 351 Windsor doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

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14 Comments on “CAW Looking To Add New Product At Ford’s Windsor Engine Plant...”

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    I would suggest that they make a good 4 cyl engine, it is the Trend what the USA President wants, ie better milages!

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    Notice “Wants”. Not “Hopes”, “work out a deal”.


    I hope the D3 and others come to their senses and leaves that country.

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      Calm down; they didn’t say ‘demands’. It’s OK to want something like jobs.

      If the CAW can put together a sensible business case for Ford, then everyone can be happy. But the union will have to give a little.

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    They better put together a really reasonable case, at the US point of inflection, were the tier 2 employees outnumber the tier 1, god help the tier 1 when the next contract comes afterwards, if shutting down Canadian production altogether and transferring jobs to US gets Ford there that much quicker, than it will be closed.

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    Wikipedia says the plant still makes 4.9L and 5.8L V8s as crate motors, which they also condition as marine engines. Which is cool, but tells me that the plant is old. I’m not sure Ford’s going to want to invest lots so that the new Windsor can be a thrifty turbo four.

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      That’s good to know you can still get the 5.8, I would have thought some kind of EPA reg would have killed it by now.

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      Chrysler once lopped off two cylinders of their 318 to make a V6 though the 3.9 V6 Chrysler ended up with wasn’t much of an engine. If they’re making V8s there, they can lop off a bank of cylinders lengthwise and build torquey long stroke slant-fours for trucks without spending too much.

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    So is that only the government wants/or is able to invest money in the CAW? That says a lot.

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    The CAW wil do poorly in these negotiations as they have in the past, they deserve what ever they get. This organisation reresents itself as one of the most important parts of the Canadian manufactoring sector. Yet in their entire existence they have never elected a union president with a high school diploma, in fact grade 10is good enough for the CAW, if you send a grade 9 dropout to negotiate with some of the biggest compnanies in the world you can safely expect to be out manouvered. I can guarentee that Ford,GM and Chrysler have people with considerably more education than high school representing their interests. Only about a third of the CAW even works in the auto industry, a large percentage are fish gutters etc.

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    Though, naturally, their way of encouraging Ford to invest in their plant is to threaten to strike everyone.

    Winning strategy!

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