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Volkswagen Group’s global deliveries rose 10.3 percent to 734,600 vehicles in July, and by 9.1 percent for the first seven months of the year. January through July, Volkswagen delivered 5.19 million units.

Volkswagen global group deliveries July 2012
7M’12 7M’11 YoY July ’12 July ’11 YoY
Total 5,190,000 4,750,000 9.1% 734,600 665,800 10.30%
Europe 2,230,000 2,200,000 1.6% 300,000 300,000 0.0%
Ger 708,100 678,400 4.4% 102,000 97,800 4.3%
WEUR ex D 1,150,000 1,220,000 -5.9% 140,000 150,000 -6.7%
EEUR 376,300 299,600 25.6% 53,400 45,900 16.3%
China 1,510,000 1,290,000 17.1% 210,000 180,000 16.7%
USA 324,200 249,400 30.0% 49,000 38,400 27.6%
South Am 566,500 538,100 5.3% 97,000 82,900 17.0%
Black: VW data. Blue: TTAC calculated

Said sales chief Christian Klingler:

“Overall, we made a good start to the second half of the year and continued on our growth trajectory in almost all regions, particularly Asia, North America and Russia. However, the situation in Western Europe remains noticeably tense, although our brands outperformed the overall market there despite the difficult conditions.”

January through June, Volkswagen ranked third in global deliveries. GM was second, Toyota was first. Should Volkswagen and GM remain on their respective trajectories, the Volkswagen could come close to overtaking GM, but it is unlikely that the current ranking will change.

Toyota is expected to publish global sales and production data this coming week. GM reports on a quarterly basis.

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8 Comments on “Volkswagen’s Group Sales Strong...”

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    I get the sense from your posts and comments regarding GM and VW that your are frustrated by the fact that despite all of their blunders GM continually outsells VW globally…

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    Sam P

    It figures, given the author’s background at VW.

    • 0 avatar

      Agreed. I was surprised that BS was not included in the select group of journalists who saw the new Golf. Maybe he had a scheduling conflict and VW was not as amenable as Lexus was for the LFA profile.
      I agree with many on here that GM is not run as well as many other auto companies. But the hyperbole from some of the B&B of them being a POS company etc doesn`t seem to align with the facts of them manufacturing and selling >9 million vehicles.

      • 0 avatar

        Someone who could find his way blind to and through Wache Sandkamp in Wolfsburg considers a trip to Wolfsburg cruel punishment.

        You really think I will fly for 10 hours to watch Hackenberg show a bunch of PowerPoints again? I am looking at palm trees and the sea from my window. You need to come up with something better, silly.

      • 0 avatar

        I don’t know the Wolfsburg area so wouldn’t know if it was cruel or not. Also I don`t know what view you have, silly.

        Hopefully VW and other companies make an enticing enough offer to you so you can do an LFA series of pieces on them too. It was an informative series, which you clearly enjoyed. I would think Lexus were happy too.

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    GM outsells VW… Big, big deal. First and foremost, it’s only a matter of time. Second and even more important – VW can actually make money out of it.

    Also, it’s ludicrous what GM makes with their chinese numbers.

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    I agree it is only a matter of time until VW is number 2 and maybe even #1 by the end of the decade. Time will tell.
    VW is the most profitable automaker, so everyone else is poor by comparison.

    I also agree GM’s figures are greater because of the Wuling vans but even if those are removed you still have around 8 million plus of “proper” vehicles. GM does make money (note the 2011 and 2012 financial results). Maybe not what they should be making, but lets be accurate and agree they do make money out of car manufacturing.

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