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Mitsubishi is still alive and well in Japan, for the rest of the world, it is hoping for a Mirage. Just to make sure, Mitsubishi built one. Produced in Thailand, the Mitsubishi Mirage is a global compact car. Today, it goes on sale in Japan.

The Mirage will be successively rolled out in Europe, Australia and other regions. Over 33,000 orders have already been received for the Mirage in Thailand as of the end of July, the company says.

In Japan, the new Mirage will be offered with a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder MIVEC engine, mated to a to a CVT transmission.

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14 Comments on “Mitsubishi Pins Its Hopes On A Mirage...”

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    I’ve always thought “Mirage” was a horrible name for a car. Charade-grade bad.

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      Robert Schwartz

      Mystique? or was that mistake?

      Actually, I liked the car.

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        Wait until you see the interior. It’s ultra-cheap, Yugo-grade cheap. IF it looks cheap to us third world buyers. I can’t imagine how US or European buyers would perceive it. If this is the car that would be Mitsubishi’s savior, things do not look good.

        The car doesn’t seem to have any unique appeal that would separate it from its competitors, that makes people want to choose it over something else. It seems to be designed as an also-ran from the beginning.

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        i think the French named two fighter planes Mirage AND Mystique!

        Mirages were popular as aerial targets for the Israelis.

        I honestly think Mitsubishi dont care for the western market. They are down there with Suzuki for being a “lost” brand.

        This car is all about the BRICs and I would imagine they have enough of a profit margin with having 3/4s of an engine to make a killing… so to speak.

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        Mirages were used by the Israelis until the French cut off supply after the Six-Day War. Then the Mossad stole the blueprints and the Israelis built a copy called the Nesher (“eagle”) from which the indigenous Kfir fighter was developed.

        So I think the Israelis kind of liked the plane. Of course, that has little to do with the Mitsubishi version. Although they did design and build the Zero during World War II.

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        I believe the majority view on TTAC would be that the Mirage has 3/8 of an engine rather than 3/4ths. :)

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    Colt was a far better name for it.

    Anyway, it looks boring.

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    Yeah, from what I understand it’s actually a Nissan Micra. There’s a lot of joint stuff between Mitsi and Nissan in Thailand, including future plans for pickups.

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      In non North American Pickup production and sales, Toyota’s Hilux is miles in front, Nissan second, then considerably behind Nissan Mitsubishi. Nissan and Mitsubishi want to knock over the Toyota Goliath.

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    This car (especially the profile) would have looked dated even back in 1997 (note to Mitsubishi: That’s 15 years ago).

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    That name has negative brand equity in the US; how about Asia?

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    didn’t that company make the Japanese Zeros?

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      Indeed they did. Which makes the situation they’re in today all the more appalling. What a fall from grace. Back in the 1970s they were revered as much as Toyota, at least in third world countries.

      You know, I just realized it now. This article’s title is very spot on! In a literal sense.

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    I think Mitsubishi still is fairly strong in Asia. Hong Kong film star Jackie Chan has used and endorsed MMC cars for years – though I’m not sure if he’s still doing that.

    The Pajero/Montero is the vehicle of choice for Third World elites, like the Land Cruiser.

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