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The McLaren MP4-12C Spider, essentially an MP4-12C with a power-retractable roof, was revealed a couple of months ago and officially debuted at the Pebble Beach Concours two weeks ago. But, perhaps to amortize the cover’s cost, McLaren threw it back on the car for another unveiling this morning at AutoWeek Publisher KC Crain’s Vinsetta Garage restaurant. Overly generic? Or timelessly clean? You decide.

The 12C’s performance is reportedly beyond reproach, thanks to a carbon fiber-enabled 3,249-pound curb weight (up only 88 from the regular car), mid-mounted 616-horsepower turbocharged 3.8-liter V8, and hyper-complicated electro-hydraulic suspension. As with the 12C’s archrival, the normally-aspirated, aluminum-rather-than-CF Ferrari 458 Italia, the only transmission option is a lightning-quick, highly configurable seven-speed automated dual-clutch unit.

If you’re worried about serviceability, this isn’t the right car for you.

Pricing starts at $268,250, which McLaren considers a bargain given the car’s carbon fiber construction and technology. You can use McLaren’s configurator to determine whether your desired options bump the price out of reach.

McLaren provided a tasty breakfast.

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15 Comments on “McLaren MP4-12C Spider Re-Reveal...”

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    The surroundings are in sharp contrast to photos I’ve seen of interiors of McLaren buildings. Those interiors always remind me of the lab in the original Andromeda Strain movie. I’m surprised McLaren didn’t demand that everyone around the car wear a clean suit.

    The car’s a beauty but generic. The wheels are butt ugly. They’d also last 10 minutes in New England with the crummy roads we have.

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    Freddy M

    I’m in the “timelessly clean” camp. If I wanted a visually jaw-dropping car, there’s always Lambo and Pagani. McLaren hasn’t been about that, but no-nonsense performance so this look suits the car. And it will probably age as well as the F1.

    Agreed tho about the wheels being a bit… wrong.

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    This car could be by anybody. Strangely enough it looks a LOT like one of those Bahar Lotuses. In any case it elicits no emotional response from me. I’ve seen them in the flesh and the shock of seeing one in person wears off in about 10 seconds. Its not even like the GT-R that assaults your eyes, it just has no “wow” factor.

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    Is this the most Germanic, non German supercar ever made?

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    This isn’t a car that I would want to drive on the street, as opposed to track days. I’ll take a Morgan Aero Supersports and an Ariel Atom.

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    Silent Ricochet

    I don’t know about you guys, but when someone asks me what Supercar I’d buy if I hit the lottery, I’d say this car every time. Not a Lambo and not a Ferrari. I actually quite like how it looks, it’s simple, but still gives the impression of something sophisticated and ridiculously fast. It’s also relatively cheap. Not to mention it’s crazy handling suspension that also feels comfortable when you’re not on the track. Watch the Top Gear episode of Jeremy Clarkson taking this car around the Top Gear track; explaining how comfortable it is. Then watch it crush nearly all the leading cars on the lap time board.

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      No question I would consider this over a 458 Italia or a Gallardo, if only because it is the product of a small passionate company, not a conglomerate.

      Also, at least for now, there are no Chinese laptops branded McLaren.

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        These snide anti-China comments I see all the time are really grossing me out.

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        Get over yourself. Why don’t you tell me how great and amazing an Acer or Asus laptop is, worthy of the Lamborghini or Ferrari name, instead of whining about being grossed out.

        The point is that, for now, these laptops are cheap low-end commodities. The fact that McLaren is not willing to co-brand itself with a cheap, low-end commodity, while Ferrari and Lamborghini are, makes McLaren stand out.

        Look here for my recent defense of China in case you have assumed some bias:

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    el scotto

    Looks like a Corvette with a body kit. It won’t impress the gold digger/trophy wife set.

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      If the current Corvette C6 minimalist design phlisophy was applied to a mid-engine car, with a bit of updating, it would look a LOT like this. But there is no body kit or fluff here. Not even a separate rear wing/spoiler.

      The kind of good time girls that are worth spending time with will know what this is.

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    The best interior layout I have ever seen:

    1) Narrow center stack to allow more knee room (sideways). The need for knee room is not symetrical as the gas pedal is at the right side, the driver need more room to the right side of the right knee.

    2) Side “stacks” that flow well into the doors and provide controls that’s close to hands.

    The exterior provides just enough detail to indicate it’s a mid-engine. I would say it’s “timeless clean” that won’t sell well, because rich people like it dirty.

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    Timelessly generic. And a missed opportunity.

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