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Bringing suit against GM for not letting Saab live another day could be turning into a popular sport. Lars Holmqvist, former head of Europe’s automotive supplier body CLEPA, and as such an insider when it comes to the latest Saab dirt, says that spurned Youngman of China is also thinking of suing GM.

Yesterday, Victor Muller made headlines and invigorated the dwindling and already slightly despondent fan-base by filing a $3 billion lawsuit against GM for tortuous interference. Muller might be joined by Rachel Pang of Youngman, Holmqvist told just-auto.:

“Youngman is also thinking about suing GM. I know that. They have not made up their minds and, of course, they would be encouraged by Victor Muller’s lawsuit. I have information. I know from people…they are looking into the possibility. It is obvious because they spent SEK550m…securing the rights to the new platform.”

550 million Swedish Crowns is $82 million, and knowing the Chinese they absolutely HATE to see money spent for nothing.

Muller is using someone else’s money for the lawsuit, the identity is kept a secret. Holmqvist seems to know the financier, but he is not talking. What Holmqvist says is that the moneyman is not embattled Russian banker Antonov:

“It is not Antonov. Muller would not be stupid enough to trace anything back to Antonov. The whole Antonov story is finished.”

Holmqvist suggest not to take the legal maneuvering lightly, and he reminds us the Muller is smart and a lawyer. Granted, Muller definitely is a better lawyer than carmaker, but in the words on one of my former Manhattan lawyers who’s name is kept undisclosed to prevent him from being disbarred:

“Bertel, half of the lawyers lose.”



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13 Comments on “Hot Off The Presses: Youngman Might Also Sue GM Over Saab...”

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    We now live in a world where failure is not an option, even if you’re a failure.

    And if you’re an alleged failure, then it’s someone else’s fault.

    To quote Kevin Costner (Elliot Ness) in The Untouchables: “Losing is half the battle”.

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      Wasnt there just a spot here about Cadillac selling ten cars in Germany? The “new standard of the world”??? Would any of the german car lovers here at TTAC consider ANYTHING GM DETROIT makes? Here or anywhere?

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        Not being a German, and my reply thereby being unsolicited, I’d say no. The cars are not exactly wonders of interior refinement (the use of all season tires also makes western europeans vomit in unison) and the selling points that makes sense in the US makes little sense in Europe. Some exceptions do exist, conversion vans makes some sense – used and as grey market imports – to some people. For tax reasons (depending on location) a full size pickup can make sense – also grey market – as a vehicle for somebody owning a company, but the towing rules in Europe makes a 2500 somewhat limited and makes something along the lines of a land cruiser, GL or Japanese pickup more appealing to the towing crowd. There is one niche where US vehicles are hard to beat, recovery/towing vehicles below full size commercial trucks (MAN, Scania, Volvo) but larger/more capable then the regular VW/Iveco/Mercedes flatbeds. Corvettes and Camaros has a pretty big following all over Europe, but they are both niche market products and I imagine most of them being imported by other people then GM.

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    Call Harry Reid, he knows everything. Nancy Pelosi said so.

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    el scotto

    Lemme get this straight; Muller is suing GM asking for damages for things he never owned and Youngman is suing over having rights to a platform that was never built? Kinda like me suing my dad after I wrecked his car.
    I think British Top Gear did an amazing eulogy on Saab and that should have put everything to rest.

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      Law can be very convoluted sometimes, if they can prove GM is interfering them from acquiring SAAB then GM can be on the hook.
      When the plaintiff can sink enuf mulla for the retainer anything is possible. Or if the law firm can get a good enuf % when the suit is won.
      Also the creditors, dealers also have a say to, should SAAB can be sold before the shut down, their business may not be interrupted too.

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    Robert Schwartz

    “Bertel, half of the lawyers lose.”

    That is what he told you. What I used to tell my clients is that there are four parties in every law suit, The plaintiff, the plaintiff’s lawyer, the defendant, and the defendant’s lawyer. Two parties always win and two parties always lose. The losers are the plaintiff and the defendant.

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    I can kind of see how GM may get in trouble here. By forcing Saab to adopt GM tech they effectively limited the competiveness of a company which the later sold as SAAB was blocked from competing with GM. Surely that in itself opens up Anti trust questions? EU courts tend to get excited about things like that.

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      Without GM tech, Saab would have died years ago.

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        Close but no cigar, without GM money they would have died, Saab always tried its hardest to avoid GM parts commonality. First it was the defense operations that provided the cash, then it was Scania trucks and finally GM, not a solid ground to build a car manufacturing company upon.

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    “It is not Antonov. Muller would not be stupid enough to trace anything back to Antonov. The whole Antonov story is finished.”

    I very much doubt that. As I type this I would imagine that GMs lawyers are trying to find every possible link between Muller and his “very close friend” Mr Antonov. If they need any help with that I can send them the link to a youtube video.
    “I’m really proud to call Vladimir Antonov my friend”

    “I think British Top Gear did an amazing eulogy on Saab and that should have put everything to rest.”

    +1 to this :)

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    Oh and don’t forget that on the 28/11/11 Muller said to a UK journalist on the way out of Heathrow that he was surprised that the Chinese kept pumping money into Saab/SWAN & that he suspected GM would reject the deal.
    So if he knew this, why aren’t Youngman suing him?

    There you go, GM. Have that one on me.

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