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China’s most popular color

Forget the ATS. Now you can show that you are fiscally prudent and still project the Cadillac look.  All you need is a ticket to China and $6,700 in pocket money.  This will buy you the Guizhou Hangtian Chenggong (never mind) GHT6400. Says Carnewschina (buy Tycho a beer as a thank you for finding this Asian beauty):

“The nose of the GHT6400 is very Cadillac, the rest of the vehicle is very Chinese-minivan. Is Cadillac missing a market here yet again?”

Wood from certified sustainable plastic

On the inside, the GHT6400 sports a lot of fake wood and copious amounts of hard plastic to delight all budding car reviewers. Seats you and at least seven Chinese girlfriends. (Probably more.)

With those powerful looks, who needs an engine?

The engine, well, the engine is a 1.2 liter (some say 1.3 liter) four-banger that makes 60hp. Sounds more at home in a Suzuki. Actually, Tycho says the Guizhou Hangtian Chenggong company based the engine on an old Suzuki unit. “Maybe they paid for that, or maybe not…”

Comes in a range of attractive colors, including RED

GM fans, UAW members, and Democratic Party fundraisers: Bookmark this page! This is a perfect example of what would have happened to Cadillac if GM would not have been bailed out!

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14 Comments on “Fake In China: The $6,700 Eight Seater Cadillac. Or: What Would Have Happened Without The Bailout...”

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    Joe McKinney

    It’s the Cadillac of Chinese minivans.

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    Gasp! Anyone can design cars!
    Oh well… so much emphasis on looks, so easy to duplicate. Doh!

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    In its defense, the interior is about the same quality level as the first generation CTS.

    • 0 avatar

      And in defence of the CTS, the first-gen interior quality was top-notch. It was just an incredibly ugly design.

      Bob Lutz wrote that they were trying to make the center stack look like a personal computer tower – the ugliest part of the computer that everyone keeps hidden under their desks – in a misguided attempt to appeal to the new computer-generation.

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    el scotto

    Imagine if Cadillac did build something this small. A tiny van with a blinged out interior and exterior and a supercharged 4 cyl. It would help their cafe numbers. Advertise it as the Caddy for the city or some other stuff; even show it parked next to an Escalade if they have a sense of humor. It might be a hit with the designer handbag and latte crowd.

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    Honestly, how many more of these articles must we read before people start to ask, “What the F are we doing in Asia?” Sure, it’s funny today, as the copying is crude and obvious. The Chinese are pretty lame: Japan Inc did it far more cleverly 50 years ago.
    These rip-offs are just the awkward first steps of a child learning to walk. We have no idea the whirlwind that is coming……..

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    Minivan with a manual shift? What next, available in brown?

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    With such XXI century dead rear axle design this Caddy will be STUNNING around any track. Will also launch perfectly into any drag race.

    I know what I’m on about. Each and every Mustang fanboi told me so.

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    Anybody else notice hot and cold are reversed on the climate controls? It’s the first time I’ve seen that.

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    The lack of the pesky carpeting/floormats is a feature, to prevent unintended acceleration.
    The warm, inviting, wood grain Contact® film dash trim reminds one of home, mainly a 1970’s steel kitchen cabinet redux.
    The high center of gravity is a fuel-saving feature, relying on driver “pucker-pain” to reduce speed (hemorrhoid sufferers save even more!)
    Dual-Zone Climate Control (Driver, and everyone else)
    Optional 14″ chrome wheels available (with bling-bling package)
    A Cadillac minivan, at 1/8th the price!

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    Talk about high center of gravity! My brother used to have a van that looks so much like this thing (minus the Cadillac styling cues) that I’m convinced they’re based on the same design. Talk about being tippy! Trust me, you won’t want to drive faster than about 50mph in that thing. Rock hard suspension too. It successfully combines nasty ride with awful handling.

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