Emasculated Americans FAIL Porsche Bigtime. Losers!

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
emasculated americans fail porsche bigtime losers

Europeans: Use instead of Euros. Americans: Use it as a screensaver

Shame, yes, shame on you, Americans, you horrible people. You are the weakest of the globe – when it comes to Porsche’s July numbers. Porsche sales in the U.S. climbed only a miserable one percent. At the same time, people in Europe withdrew their last sinking Euros from faltering banks and moved them to the safety of a new 911 or Cayman.

JulyYear to date20122011YoY20122011YoYWorld12,39110,72216%81,56271,38114%Europe4,5943,67725%30,61825,41720%Germany1,6941,29231%11,2309,18322%Americas3,3393,2493%22,53821,6944%USA2,8032,7681%19,25318,3105%Asia-Pacific4,4583,79617%28,40624,27017%China2,9362,48418%18,21014,75123%

Porsche sales in Europe rose a whopping 25 percent in July, in Germany, they rocketed up by 31 percent. China, up 18 percent in July, was Porsche’s largest single country market. America used to be Number One in Porsche sales. HAS BEEN. You wretched Americans could not keep it up.

What’s wrong with you, guys? Broke? Go, get your Prius.

Europeans: Use instead of Euros. Americans: Use it as a screensaver

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  • Juniper Juniper on Aug 14, 2012

    What? No porcupine jokes?

  • GEE - I wonder why a high-maintenance, overly expensive compact sports car and a God ugly 4-door would have trouble selling during a period in our recession where we truly aren't certain whether or not things are getting better? Why aren't people just spending money without a second thought?

  • Nrd515 I don't really see the point of annual inspections, especially when the car is under 3 years (warranty) old. Inspections should be safety related, ONLY, none of the nonsensical CA ARB rules that end up being something like, "Your air intake doesn't have an ARB sticker on it, so you have to remove it and buy one just like it that does have the ARB sticker on it!". If the car or whatever isn't puking smoke out of it, and it doesn't make your eyes water, like an old Chevy Bel-Air I was behind on Wed did, it's fine. I was stuck in traffic behind that old car, and wow, the gasoline smell was super potent. It was in nice shape, but man, it was choking me. I was amused by the 80 something old guy driving it, he even had a hat with a feather in it, THE sign of someone you don't want to be driving anywhere near you.
  • Lou_BC "15mpg EPA" The 2023 ZR2 Colorado is supposed to be 16 mpg
  • ToolGuy "The more aerodynamic, organic shape of the Mark VIII meant ride height was slightly lower than before at 53.6 inches, over 54.2” for the Mark VII."• I am not sure that ride height means what you think it means.Elaboration: There is some possible disagreement about what "ride height" refers to. Some say ground clearance, some say H point (without calling it that), some say something else. But none of those people would use a number of over 4 feet for a stock Mark anything.Then you go on to use it correctly ("A notable advancement in the Mark VIII’s suspension was programming to lower the ride height slightly at high speeds, which assisted fuel economy via improved aerodynamics.") so what do I know. Plus, I ended a sentence with a preposition. 🙂
  • ToolGuy The dealer knows best. 🙂
  • ToolGuy Cool.