By on July 16, 2012

Owning a Volkswagen occasionally requires a Vanagon’s worth of patience, but there are compensations. The newest one: a high-speed trackday at one of the country’s more interesting racetracks, complete with instruction, for fifty bucks.

Once again, VW has teamed up with TrackDAZE for a VW-centric trackday. There’s only one catch: you have to bring your Volkswagen. Having been lucky enough to unload every Volkswagen I’ve ever owned on some hapless sucker, I won’t be attending this one, but East Coasters who haven’t given up the faith yet should give it a shot.

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11 Comments on “Unsponsored Content: Volkswagen’s Track Day For Everyone (Kind Of)...”

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    That’s a good deal for a sponsored event!

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    Looks like a wreck looking for a place to happen.

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    Hmmm. That’s only a 3 hour drive. My GTI and I may make an appearance.

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      I was all set to go too with my GTI, but it appears to only be open to owners of the Golf R or R32, no lesser VWs. Jack should have been more specific.

      So any chance of there being a GTI event like this? I’d go, we wanted to do a road trip this summer anyway.

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        So no smoky power slides in my ’78 Westfalia camper?

        There is a YouTube video of a bunch of Vanagon drivers racing around a track somewhere. Looked like fun despite driving vans. Some of the drivelines were certainly not VW – probably Porsche.

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    Let’s see, 100 VWs means at least 50 tow trucks….

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    This is not about VW in particular, but automakers must offer cars in more colors. (Shades of grey – black, silver, white, etc. are not colors….)

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      The limited colour selection is explained by the fact that they are all Golf Rs or R32s …

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        To be fair the color selection isn’t really extensive for other VW either. The same goes for audi or any other European manufacturer. My – semi-conspiracy – theory is that it’s an attempt to drive discerning customers towards the profit margin heaven of M/Designo/Exclusive colors. 3 grand or more for a factory paint job seems like a nice addition to the bottom line, the same goes for interior color and color combinations, in the European market you used to be able to chose quite freely, now it’s approaching US suv territory with it’s severely limited options.

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    LBJs Love Child

    C’mon MINI, don’t let VW out do you!

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    Best $50 one could possibly spend IMHO. If they get anywhere near central Florida count me in!

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