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Slow sales of the Fiat 500 in America have Marchionne & Co. pinning their hopes on a small crossover, dubbed the 500X, to boost sales. Our first look comes via this video. It’s a bit of a tease, isn’t it?

Looking like a cross between the Fiat 500L and the standard car, the 500X will likely use the same 1.4L MultiAir engines as its siblings, along with a rudimentary all-wheel drive system. Prepare for cries of “ruining brand values” in 5,4,3,2…

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19 Comments on “Oh Look, It’s The Fiat 500X...”

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    Why would it be a sell out? I mean the Panda 4×4 has been on sale like forever. So, Fiat does have a ‘tradition’ in this kind of car. Not for me though. Would much prefer a regular 500 or the L-mivan version.

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    Looks like a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, but much better on the eyes.

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      I think it looks more like the Suzuki SX4. They’re not bad looking, in a very bland kinda way. The 500 looks very nice – far better than the Mini to me.

      I wonder if the 500x will get an Abarth variant…

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    ARE US 500 sales really slow? They are way way up from last year and just 1,500 units behind MINI which has a much larger current product line. Looks to me as if they’re doing quite fine…

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      Agreed. Way to bend the facts to support a narrative. Either that, or it’s just lazy “reporting.”

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        Remember, kids, that TTAC and the majority of the blogs out there make money from ads. The more time a page reloads (such as from a firestorm of comments) the more money the blog can make.

        I’m not saying they’re doing stuff like this on purpose, but just something to keep in mind when reading stuff like this. Jalopnik is a HUGE troll-baiter. TTAC is one of the good ones for the most part.

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      I was just about to say…didn’t Fiat break 4k sales last month? They are expected to hit 40K units this year. While obviously way below their annual goal of 50K, I mean, nobody expected the A segment 500 to fly off lots like a Camry.

      I’m also not sure how the 500x dillutes the brand value. I mean, you are aware of the the first gen Multipla!?! What the hell was that? I say bring over every b-segment Fiat out there; give me the Panda and Punto please! Hell let Ram sell the Doblo too. What do they have to lose?

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      Here’s a month by month breakdown of 500 sales. The past two months have been over 4k, yes. 2011 was dismal. At halftime, Fiat has sold a little under 21k units. Much better than last year. But they haven’t reached Marchionne’s own targets.

      We don’t know the fleet/retail breakdown either. These have ended up in rental fleets as well. There’s still a 76 day supply of these cars. Not terrible but they’re not flying off the lots like the fanboys would suggest.

      Marcello’s article earlier in the year highlights how the 500L and 500X are supposed to jumpstart sales in the US, but unlike Canada, sales aren’t strong enough to justify the Panda or the Punto.

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        It seems to me that to base any future sales projections or the “salability” of the Fiat brand in the U.S. on the 500 is rather silly. A better barometer would be to release a more mainstream model like the Punto, and then see how that sells. That would help boost sales of the more “niche”/less practical models like the 500.

        They should have brought over more than the one body style to start. It’s a mistake to draw conclusions based solely on the 500 we currently have.

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    Oh boy! A slower, uglier, gas thirsty, and heavier 500! Just what I’ve always dreamed of!

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    I don’t know about “ruining brand values”… more like establishing brand values for those of us who never had an experience with the old “fix it again tony” cars. Out of the gate I’d say that in the mainstream car market so far FIAT has achieved the core brand values of “cute” and “tiny” judging by the number of Pop 500s I see tootling around DC. I say so long as this new 500x keeps some of the styling cues from the original, provides acceptable quality, and drives reasonably well, it shouldn’t ‘hurt’ ‘brand values’.

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    Rod Panhard

    ARE US 500 sales really slow? They are way way up from last year and just 1,500 units behind MINI which has a much larger current product line. Looks to me as if they’re doing quite fine…

    That depends on how you look at it. Fiat was forecasting sales of 50,000 units per year for 2013. So by that measure, sales are “slow.”

    Let’s see what happens when the 500 reaches the point of “market saturation.” Also, keep in mind that Fiat sold a lot of them to rental agencies. I don’t know how many, but I do know people who have rented them. I don’t think MINI ever made it into the rental fleets in the U.S.

    Also, at no point, has MINI had to promote their products with a $199 per month lease.

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    “I want a car that looks like the 500 but is bigger, heavier, thirstier, and offers none of the advantages of the actual 500”- absolutely no one.

    Seriously who wants this? Out of dozens of crossovers on the market, even smaller ones, who out there is going “yeah this car is nice but it’s no Fiat 500.” This doesn’t even seem like a “ruining brand values” because Fiat has the Panda 4×4 everywhere else, but this just seems completely pointless.

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    Oh Look, it’s another lazy blogger who can’t check his facts! Another reason why TTAC is losing it’s readers, me included

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    I’m sure Audi could do it better!

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    I saw these doing high altitude testing in Colorado last year. It will be interesting to see the options and pricing on them.

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    Keep in mind that Fiat had problems with dealers coming on line when they launched, so that slowed things way down in 2011.

    They seem to be doing quite well now.

    However, I’m more interested in either the original 500, or the 500L or if they bring the Panda here, I’d be interested in that, probably in the basic FWD variant, though I’ve heard the 4×4 variants are pretty capable in their own right.

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    Just what the world needs another #$%&* lame ass SUV.

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      Like I said above, and was seconded by Ciddyguy, I prefer the original or the minivan. Unfortunately, that’s our ‘enthusiast’ opinion. As we well know, enthusiast opinion is about worthless in cold hard cash terms. This is what sells and Fiat could well use a car like this to boost sales. If such a SUV-CUV thingy keeps the money rolling, maybe they’ll have enough cash to keep the ‘real’ cars comings.

      Afterall this is what Porsche did, as well as BMW and others. Let the non-enthusiasts get their trucks and the companies will have the means to develop cars that we like.

      If the opinion of enthusiasts was worth anything, where is that mythical low-slung, diesel-powered wagon??

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