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Jaguar’s Castle Bromwich plant is going on a recruitment drive to add 1,100 jobs, as the plant prepares to produce the F-Type sports car and the holy grail of automotive-dom…the XF Sportbrake diesel!

Castle Bromwich already produces the XF and XJ sedans, but the expanding lineup has necessitated another round of hiring. Jaguar Land Rover is no stranger to adding jobs, with the Halewood plant needing to pick up some more workers to help crank out more examples of the Evoque crossover. If only there was a similar luxury car manufacturing renaissance Stateside.

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15 Comments on “Jaguar Looking For 1,100 Good Men To Help Build Diesel Wagons...”

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    With its European sales and Lincoln U.S. sales tanking this is just the kind of good news Ford needs right now.
    Oh, never mind.

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    To hear that manufacturing companies in Britain are actually hiring people is quite a shock to me after 30+ years of downsizing, outsourcing and closures. No doubt the weak pound is helping matters.

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      blame the Indians for this… oh wait

      there’s not much about the XF that is bad for what it is

      there’s a few lessons here… you don’t need to be perfect to sell cars… you just need to do most things right

      jaguars and land rovers sell despite the obvious downsides

      the big three can learn some things about this

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        I think Jag-LR under the guidance of Tata have managed to keep the brand upmarket and within the sights of the overly moneyed, keeping-up-appearances brigade. They seem to be the perfect type of customer for Jag-LR, in that come rain or shine they will always buy new luxury cars at a premium, and will likely dispose of the car and buy a new one before all the various quality problems become apparent.

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        What are the obvious downsides of a Jag now? In the past, the electrics were weak. I’ll concede that. But now for durability and reliability they seem to score above the majority of competitors, barring probably Lexus. But I can’t imagine EVER driving a Lexus…..

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    Well, if those wagons are relatively small and are available with a stick shift, I see a significant percentage of TTACers wanting to migrate immediately!

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    That’s one foine looking wagon.

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    Well done Tata! Where Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW & Ford have failed, Tata has it all worked out.
    Never mind the Diesel wagon, can I have the Diesel Defender in the US, Please?

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    Ford did most of the work. Tata just had the common sense to buy a bargain

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      Which is probably fine, given what Ford was trying to accomplish when they sold Jaguar. They were trying to make their brass stop fighting with each other and focus on Ford. Also, they were trying to change assets in to cash, so that they could actually do it. Nowhere in that calculus is Jaguar required to fail.

      And, according to the Monday morning quarterbacking, it worked more-or-less. Probably because the middle levels of Ford were solid, and the upper brass were the problem. It sounds like Mullally straightened that out with hugs and strategy and meetings and leadership.

      Also, post One Ford, I’m actually considering buying Fords voluntarily. I’m on my 3rd used Ford but, up until now, I’ve bought them because they depreciate faster than they wear out. Now that they’re bringing their A Game to something other than the F-150 in the USA, I suddenly look at several Ford models (Focus, Edge, Escape, Transit Connect, C-Max) and think “wow, that looks like a car I would be happy to own!” I haven’t had that reaction to any of the 3 Fords I’ve actually owned — it’s been more like “my current car ain’t working, that fucker is cheap and solved my problem, and I’ll get used to how it looks in time.” The MPG numbers and the reliability numbers on the new Fords mean that I’m free to continue liking them after I read about the car a little bit.

      I don’t have to buy a car now, though, so if I buy something it’ll be something with a plug. And Ford seems to want my business there, too, even if I have to wait until the fall for the C-Max Energi to be released.

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    el scotto

    I’d like a Defender too. IMHO Jaguar makes some of the most beautiful cars on the planet. High maintenance car? High maintenance significant other? The tricky details will never leave you bored.

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    I would buy a Jag XJL shooting brake variant in a second.

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    That wagon looks beautiful.

    I’m willing to bet you won’t find as many in London as in Calcutta however…

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    Sorry but selling a company for 1.5 billion which now generates more in profits is bad business no matter what way you look at it. One Ford could easily have included JLR and Lincoln should have just been put out of its miserable exostence instead.

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