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Back in November at the launch of the Lexus GS, a product planner who shall remain nameless turned the tables on me; when I started asking him questions about future products, like the possibility of a Lexus GS-F, he began to grill me about competitive product.

One car that seemed to have captured his interest was the Audi S5. We spoke about how beautiful it was and how even if it wasn’t as fast or dynamic as a BMW M3, it still managed to capture the attention of enthusiasts and the general public. I asked him point-blank whether Lexus was going in this direction, but he only said that the absence of the SC430 left a void in the Lexus lineup.

The SC430, of course, was better at carrying golf clubs and tall lattes than doing any kind of real driving. The new coupe will apparently resemble the LF-LC concept coupe revealed earlier this year, and use a 2+2 seating configuration with a hybrid powertrain. According to a report by Automotive News, pricing and positioning would be closer to the Porsche 911 Turbo and Aston Martin Vantage – a potentially tough feat for the brand, given that it’s never sought such lofty heights before (notwithstanding the LFA).

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15 Comments on “Coming Soon: Not Your Father’s Third Wife’s Lexus SC430...”

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    Rental Man

    I still want to see a reincarnation of the original Lexus coupe. SC 300/400. I’ll dream about mine with the manual tranny. The SC430 was useless & ugly. And I do not need a convertible. XL glass roofs are fine with me.

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      Lexus is smoking the good stuff if they think a hybrid 2+2 can plug this hole. That would be just as much a non-starter yawn as Honda’s CR-Z. Maybe worse.

      Nothing says “Meh” like a hybrid drivetrain in a sportscar. If a Corvette can brush 30 mpg with a V-8 (can and has for 3 gens now), there’s no reason on earth a Lexus sport coupe couldn’t. Pile the hybrid junk somewhere else, we don’t need it here.

      If they want to actually inject some excitment into the brand, I would think something more in line with the Mustang/Camaro, albeit much more refined than either. But the formula should be 2+2 with a hot six as a base, and a nasty V-8 “F” upgrade. Since nobody seems to want sticks anymore, just build one really good twin-clutch box–something on par with the indestructible automatics they put in the first gen cars.

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        I don’t think Lexus generally targets enthusiasts (unlike the CR-Z, which was touted as the reincarnated CRX), so I think the hybrid will work for the wealthy non-enthusiast who may or may not want green credentials.

        An F version with a proper gas engine definitely makes sense though. Or even to offer a choice of engines (a la the SC300/400 which had the straight 6 or the V8).

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        “Lexus is smoking the good stuff if they think a hybrid 2+2 can plug this hole.”

        I agree they have gone off the reservation if they think this is a winner.

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      I stopped thinking of Lexus as a viable car for me when the IS was turned into a tight handling good looking I-6 sedan/wagon to an overweight underpowered and ugly sedan.

      the CT was a glimmer of hope. but what would have been wrong with a 2L 4 and a 6speed.

      would have been such a better car

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    My favorite Lexus to date.

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    Its gone from ugly to downright disgusting.

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    Very few Americans will buy this ugly POS.It is just too different for the average American tastes.

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    The ‘predator’ grill is still obnoxious (altho, this rendition is better than the others), but this is the best all-around design for Lexus that Toyota has done in a while (the production version will likely tone done certain elements).

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    This overwrought mess is the definition of “trying too hard.” Unique, good design doesn’t have to look like it came out of a Godzilla movie.

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    I’ve heard a number of good opinions on the styling of this car – largely from a younger (and female) cohort.
    As a 28-yr old guy, I think it looks good – sort of a less-affluent man’s(hesitate to say “poor”) LF-A.

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    Just make a V8 powered aluminum and steel version of the LFA and call it a day.

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    Who cares.
    Saw a new Buick today…..They could be the Demise of most of Lexus` line of sedans….and if you want performance,just buy a M!
    or a Corvette..or some kit car

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    “he began to grill me about competitive product.”

    What? Nobody appreciated this not-so-veiled insult at the new Lexus styling? Well, I’ll be grilled….

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