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Tycho de Feyter, who blogs about Chinese cars in, is very much concerned about the well-being of his Chinese compatriots. So much, that he tracks the overlo9ading of vehicles.  This “slightly overloaded truck” was seen on China’s tropical island province Hainan. The truck carries big sacks of styrofoam to a recycling facility. Not much weight, but the truck could easily be blown away.

This slightly overloaded truck was seen on the outskirts of Beijing.

The owner of this slightly overloaded tricycle  must be a colleague of the truck owner in Hainan. He brought the whole family. If he loads just a few more sacks, he soon will be able to afford a truck! If he will live that long.

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    What’s the big deal? I see absolutely no sagging, so the loads are not heavy, and since the vehicle itself is what? 10 feet long in the first photo, you have only a 20-foot-long overall load!

    Nope…no issue at all.

    Now those triple-semis in this country barreling across some areas of the US, I do have an issue with those!

    Herr Schmitt, how’s Mongolia this time of the year?

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    Another company I once worked for did some research into light utility trucks that were used in China and India. They thought their golf car-based utility trucklets might compete with Bajaj and possibly Piaggio as they were similarly sized. Market research indicated that the load capacities that were expected from such a vehicle ranged from 1.5-10 tons load carrying capability. Pictures of an elephant standing in the lengthened bed of a Bajaj trucklet scared the company’s lawyers so bad they said to forget the whole idea. No American even pretending to think would put half of what an average person would put on those things in India/Asia. It’s like overloading is a national pastime or something.

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    I have overloaded my little trucks terribly in a past life. Recall a full cord of firewood in my truck and trailer (3k lbs on an 81 Datsun). You pay with new brakes and broken running gear parts if you do it enough. I agree, these aren’t overloaded. They are fun to look at.

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    I was in Nigeria in 2004. I wish I had this photo to show you all. It was of a man, wife, small child and goat all on a small motorcycle.

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    That’s nothing. How about 1.5l Renault Kangoo van with nearly 1 ton of bagged topsoil in the back whilst towing a trailer loaded with about 1 ton of aggregate? I was amazed that we managed to pull away with relative ease… it was the stopping that was a massive problem!

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    Once you ignore the safety concerns you realize how efficient this is. 3 trucks/drivers moving enough load that requires 6 trucks/drivers, saving money, gas and reducing emissions. The same can be said of entire families and their luggage hauled on a 10 Horsepower, $800, 200 Pound motorcycle returning 200 MPG vs a 270 HP, $30,000, 5000 pound minivan returning 20 MPG.

    Dad, Mom, son 1, son 2, daughter 1, baby, cargo and family dog!!

    You want to reduce gas consumption? Do away with safety regulations. Of course there will be more drivers receiving the darwin award but we will be better off for it. This could actually make us all into better drivers by paying more attention to the road and less on the applying makeup, sipping on lattes, stuffing our face with french fries and yapping away on cell phones.

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      Yes, but while earlier civilizations were of, by and for the fittest, it has become a mark of modern civilization to assure the survival of those who should not breed. You don’t want to be called a barbarian, do you?

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